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Citisized Slick Face:
What percentage of that island or Yokota, Fugi, Pusan would you say is into D&D?

Never been to Okinawa yet so can't answer that.

Yokota has its niche of roleplayers. There is an occasional request in the base paper looking for players or looking for a game. Not an overwhelming amount of people by any means and the roleplaying selection here is minimum which probably reflects the community. There are Magic Gatherings every month or so that get an ad in the paper so there are probably more of that then anything.

Most of the energy here goes towards the console and computer games form my experience. There are some awesome LAN parties sponsored by the base (50+ people playing any number of games in our recreation center) and the group I hang with have personal LAN parties where we set up a house and 10 or so of us get together and frag each other (Unreal) and snipe each other (Raven Shield) and pretty much just hang and work on our computer screen tans. Others do the X-box parties and do their thing that way.

We keep busy with school most of the time so our free time is pretty precious in my clique.

It is obvious I am in Japan and from a few posts scattered throughout he can pretty easily find out I am in the Air Force. Okinawa is a major Air Force station in Japan and was a good guess, I am actually stationed at Yokota so if he actually deduced all that then this is a perfectly legit question. Probably could have been phrased better so he doesn't baffle the rest of the grog swilling Citadel.....but baffle is one of his middle names I am sure, right Slick?

So that's what Citisized means!

How many nerds, I mean roleplayers, are in your area? You got a big following or are we in the minority in your area as well?

Don't really know. The only roleplayers I know of in my city are my friends and the greasy bunch down at Dark Horse Games, but I'm sure there are more...

...Then again, it is Idaho...


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