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Litestep and CarPC
« on: November 04, 2003, 03:17:34 AM »
Been busy the last few weeks and will continue to be busy until after finals around November 30th. Taking 3 classes and two of them will be over (my classes overlap 8 weeks....don't ask). If classes were the only reasone that wouldn't be too much trouble but I have some side projects going on as well and wondering if either of them have the interest of anybody else.

1) Litestep: A modular shell replacement for windoze. I know I mentioned it before but I am waaaaay hooked. I have been using various versions for over 2 years. http://www.arstechnica.com/reviews/2q99/litestep/litestep-1.html is a pretty good intro to it but it just doesn't do it justice till you peruse the hundreds of different themes you can use with it.


Tons more out there but those are the best places to find them.

What's my point. Don't have one, but I have been searching for a new one and that takes a lot of time and energy when there are so many out there.  new version of LS is out with a new structure so time to upgrade. I will probably end up taking two or three of my favorites and make my own. It is addicting as hell and fun!

Dual booted Mandrake as well which screwed up so am going to have to reinstall windows....or may just dump it like I have been threatening for years but will probably not happen. Will probably load Xp for the first time on my laptop. There goes an afternoon of backing up and reinstalling.

2) If Litestep keeps me busy on the interenet then this does tenfold lately. I have craploads of spare computer parts laying around the house gathering dust as many of you probably do as well. Well, I found something to do with them. Take a look through a few of these. There are a couple gems!


Found this forum and have been devouring it. Tell me that wouldn't be fun to have! I am doing it for certain. Have a friend hunting me down another center console for the car that I can tear down and bondo up to hold the LCD and I have more then enough parts to build the custom computer case. The LCD is the most pricey at about $300 but with that and some wire extensions that is all I am missing to put my beast together. Using a DC-DC converter instead of an inverter would be nice but that is another $100+ which may happen over time. Having the CarPC turn on and off with the ignition would be worth the cash alone.

Am definately doing this if only for the novelty of it. In car GPS/TV tuner units are all over the place here in Japan, but a GPS/MP3/DVD/DIVX/GAMES unit is a little more rare, especially in my circle, and especially in a homemade plexiglass box in the trunk :) Will post obnoxious pictures of it as I start.

Might even get a WiFi hook up for it and do some wardriving just for kicks.

Am I an idiot? Do I care? ;)

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