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Regions give authors another way to organize their submissions when they have more than 15 that are all interrelated. The initial conception for Regions was to give world builders a place to put all their worlds in one place and allow an easier way to traverse through them. The Regions can also be used for larger sets of related submissions that would benefit from the extra organization they offer.

Q. How do I navigate Regions?
A. Regions are "activated" when you visit the Region page for the one you are browsing. Once you use the links on the right you will retain that Regions navigation until you click on the "Leave Region" link at the bottom of the navigation board. This is on purpose so that Region Owners and Mods/Admins can add submissions to activated Regions. If you go away from a Region sub, the navigation will be removed until you return to another submission in that Region. Use "Leave Region" to exit that Region.

Q: How do I create a Region?
A: 1. You need to have at least 15 related submissions of a community reviewed decent quality.
2. All the submission must have the exact same Freetext which is unique to that set of related submissions. It has to be unique because the script will pull all those Freetext posts into the Region upon creation.
3. PM one of the Admins and request them to create a Region for you. For now, it will probably be me doing all that, so go ahead and send me a PM with your request.
4. Once the request is reviewed and approved, it is a pretty quick process to create it from our side.
5. There will be a main Region page that will need to be updated with a description/overview of the Region.

Q. How do I add/remove submissions from a Region?
A. Once it is set up you will be given full access to add/remove submissions from your Region. Once the initial creation is complete, all other changes need to be done individually through the available links on each submissions page. To Remove: Once the Region is activated you need only visit the submission you want to remove and click on the link at the bottom of the Navigation panel where is says "Remove XXXXX from this Region." To Add: Once the Region is activated you can visit any submission that is not in your Region and in the left action panel there will be an option "Add to XXXXXXX Region."

Ancient Gamer:
Go ahead then. Maek Coldforged a region.

Nice to see my code still works. :) Coldforged has been created. Do let me know in the suggestions forum on ideas that can be made to make it more useful. Regions is barebones right now, it just works.

Ancient Gamer:
To be honest, I am thrilled by the regions. The right hand menu showcasing all my Coldforged subs made me want to cry like a baby, or squeal like a pig, in pure delight! :p


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