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How to: Graphics in Submissions


Yes, it is possible to put graphics in your submission! See this list of Favorites for examples.

Graphics: You can use the "Insert Image" button on the submission area's edit panel to add an image that is already online.


flickr is a ok choice, join us in the Strolen's Citadel flickr group and upload your photos (or from anywhere else in there really). I only say it is an ok place because the yahoo id is a pain in the butt in my opinion. Anyway...

1. Upload or choose a photo
2. Click on the "All Sizes" link above it.
3. Select a size to use on the site.
4. Copy the provided html code that is near the bottom of the page.
5. Go back to your submission.
6. Click on the "HTML" button if you are using the text editor.
7. Paste the code where you want the picture. Voila.

To align the photo to the right side of text you can add the following to the beginning of the html:

<img style="float: right;" src="http://....

Change "right" to "left" to swap sides.

Ancient Gamer:
I'm gonna post a dungeon within a couple of weeks to prove this post right! It's gonna feature hand drawn dungeon maps and the like!


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