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Wanted: Arceneaux Sparrowhelm, Dead or Alive

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"We can no longer abide Sparrowhelm and his followers. They must be hunted down and brought to justice," the Duke said with a scowl. "But we cannot send in the Dragoons or the militias, they will just fade away from one, and the other they will pick apart a handful at a time.'

"Milord," his advisor coughed, "What of contacting the Adventurers Guild? They have certain... skills that could be useful."

"You are indeed correct, send a messenger to the Adventurers Guild, a contract is open to hunt down Arceneaux Sparrowhelm. While money is certainly an object in the matter, see about offering them something from the ducal arsenal, something flashy. Also, send a messenger to the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Mercenary guild, same message. Coin is limited, but offer them some swag.

--- Quote ---Decree of his Lordship, Duke Walleran von Auth
Contract is offered against Arceneaux Sparrowhelm of Theisswald. For crimes against the crown, a bounty of 200 gold Sovereigns and (random magic item) is offered for Sparrowhelm dead or alive. Proof of death must be provided. Additional rewards are offered for the men who unlawfully follow Sparrowhelm
--- End quote ---

"I be sold on that job," the dwarf said, 'Nothing be like chopping a few trees, stomping a few necks, and bringing tha hammer o justice down on forest slag."

Gorlock the half-orc grunted his agreement to the terms of the contract. While the grime encrusted claws of his left hand conducted a vigorous search of his greasy, matted locks in search of an especially annoying tick, the equally filthy talons of his right hand laboriously scrawled a large, spidery X on the slip of parchment that had been placed before him.

''Youse pay me half now, and I take other half when we catch this Sparrowhelm, yar? Give me good swag, not worthless rubbish or Gorlock no give you Sparrowhelm. You savvy?''

"You get full payment upon completion, Orc. Not a coin before that." The man with the parchment said.

Gorlock twisted his misshapen visage into an expression that reflected both his righteous indignation and his ill-concealed vexation, upon hearing the man's cold, uncompromising words.

''You no trust word of Gorlock? I no liar who later run off with your money. I have honor.  At least how about you give me some Buck Ogre rum,eh? Work better with good stuff in me.''

"200 sovereigns." Ringel sneered, "A paltry sum for such a task." He adjusted a brace of daggers that had been adjusted a minute ago and that he would adjust again a minute hence.  "Those foolish enough to attempt such a feat as takin down SparrowHelm an his ilk for such have not the wisdom or prowess to do it." The southlander rubbed his unshaven chin, "Now for 200 sovereigns each...


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