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Against the Night
« on: October 12, 2009, 07:48:45 PM »
Quote from: Timeline
War against the Night -10000 to 0 CE as determined by the Learn'd scholars of Stalwart
The Dark Times & The Rebuilding 0 to 500 CE
The Glorious Re-Enlightenment CE to Present

The War
Humanity has been beset upon by Agents of the Night since times untold, foul beings that swear allegiance to darkness and decay.  Orcs and Ogres and fouler things waged an unceasing war against civilization and progress, subjugating Man and raping the Earth.  Throughout the course of history though, there have been those who viewed power as a greater goal than the survival of their own species, and swore allegiance to the Night, and were gifted for their servitude, these beings becoming the Elfin, servants to Dragons, and the Scourge of Man.  The war between Humanity and the Night raged for centuries upon end; cities fell, entire peoples were put to the sword, but Man finally drove the Elfin to the brink of extinction and hopefully beyond, and finally the Mouth of God called for those handfuls of Man remaining to withdraw to Stalwart, to regain their strength and survive, so that one day Man might reclaim that which was rightfully his.

The City of Stalwart

Protected on two sides by the Rift and Hell's River, Stalwart stands as the last known city of Man.  Built upon the ruins of the cities that have come before it, Stalwart is all but impregnable, as has been proven a handful of times since the end of the War, as hordes of the Night have crashed uselessly against it's towering walls.
Inside the city is a warren of humanity, a city that started out as the last dregs of humanity, now is a metropolis bursting at the seams.

Ruled over by the Mouth, his Council, and the Church in a precarious balance.  The Mouth, spending his lifetimes in communion with the God, has left the daily running of the government to his Council, a relic of the first days of the city, when there were but 12 Magus left to humanity.  However, over the years many of their traditions have been lost, and in the present day only 5 seats are filled; 6 of the traditions having been lost due to the premature deaths of their adherents, and 1 due to expulsion from the city.  The remaining Five have set up great centres of learning throughout the city, and now pump out Magus at a rate unheard of in thousands of years.

The Church has been charged with maintaining peace and order throughout the city, as well as seeing to the welfare of the people.  In addition to being priests, the Church also provides the city's guardsmen, judges, healers, and teachers, attempting to instil a fear of Evil in the people from a young age, or barring that, a swift correction in those past the age of learning.

Outside the Walls
The Night reigns supreme, those beast of Darkness that were bred or summoned to wage war upon Man and survived roam freely.  Those Men who were unable or unwilling to retreat to the safety of Stalwart before it's great gates closed to the centuries have largely descended into barbarism and worse, worshipping the powers of the Night and commingling their blood with all sorts of vile beings and races.

The Glorious Re-Enlightenment and the opening of the Gates

In the year 500, the God, through His Most Glorious and Holy Mouth, decreed that it was once again time for Humanity to wage war upon the powers of the Night.  The 1st Army is formed, drawing recruits from all walks of life, the Church, the Schools, and the unwashed masses; and it begins spreading Light back to the world.  Soon after that the 2nd and 3rd Armies are formed, so that Light may be spread in all directions away from the Rift.

Recently rumours have been spreading of a formation of a new 4th Army, to be tasked with the purification of the Rift, and that it's members will be recruited largely from the Adventurers Guild and those prisoners with redeeming traits.

The Adventurers Guild

Formed in the year 327, upon decree of the Mouth, and charged with being the sole agency capable of retrieval of those things outside the Walls, that are needed by the Schools and other Guilds.  Throughout its existence, it has occasionally even received contracts upon certain Relics from the Church.

Year 500, charter is rewritten to exclude those areas directly under the control of the Light, so as to prevent a monopoly upon the newly reopened areas.
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