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The Cloud - Return of the Mainframes!

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Ancient Gamer:
In the olden days everyone worked on thin clients, basically keyboards and screens connected to a central computer running the software and storing the data.

Then came the PC and everything got local.

The next big thing is "The Cloud", which is an internet thingie being created simultanously by several big corporations, like Google.

The Cloud will let you play games, run applications and store data... online.

Gawd d**n, this sounds familiar!

Honestly, I see it as just an extension of the thin-client model. Mainframes went out of usage because personal worskstations were better for most purposes. Now, the centralized model is being trotted out again, because technology allows it to work better for some things, such as universal data access.

Ancient Gamer:
Yes, fine enough, but they present it like its a new shiny invention, when it is in fact the same s**t we saw yesterday, only in a new wrapping.

Ancient Gamer:
Besides, I'm betting the real reason for the cloud is software piracy. With centralized data storage and applications, cracking and piracy related activities becomes much, much harder.

Crackers would need to hack the cloud servers, download the software and crack a local copy.

In the end though, many services are not so much about the software itself, it is the people connected to them, that make them desirable. Sure there will be crackers, but building the next Facebook, even if shinier, is not enough. Then there is experience with the software and the related support.

So I guess there will be more types of platforms and software, open and commercial, hacked and cracked even. The times they are a-changing.


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