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Mafia Don Story
« on: August 19, 2009, 06:17:48 AM »

An old Italian Mafia Don is dying and he calls for his grandson to approach the bed, ?Lissin a me. I wanna for you to taka my chrome-plated .38-caliber revolver so you will always remember me.? The grandson smiles weakly and replies, ?But Grandpa, I really doana lika guns. Howzabout you leava me your ROLEX watch instead??
Gasping for air, the old man answers with a snarl in his voice, ?Shuddup an lissin. Somma day you gonna runna da business. You gonna have a beautifula wife, lotsa money, a biga home, and maybea a couple of bambinos.?After a slight pause to catch his breath he continues, ?Somma day you gonna comma home and maybe find you wife inna bed with another man. Whadda you gonna do then?pointa to your watch and say ?Time?s up?? ;) ;) [/]

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Re: Mafia Don Story
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2009, 01:41:26 PM »
On the off chance that you are not a robot with bad spelling and encoding problems, that was actually a good joke. :)
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Re: Mafia Don Story
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2009, 05:08:32 PM »
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