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Random Shop Generator - For the Grand Agora.
« on: August 13, 2009, 06:30:02 PM »
From Scrasamax's Random Generator, I modified this to become something more useful to my setting. (Note: Some shops were created using Scras' generator itself, not my edit.)

Shop Size
1. Portable venue 1: A rolling cart
2. Portable venue 2: An elaborate gypsy style cart
3. Portable venue 3: Collapsable wood and canvas stall
4. Portable venue 4: Collapsable Kiosk
5. Permanent venue 1: Rented wood and canvas stall
6. Permanent venue 2: Owned wood and canvas stall
7. Permanent venue 3: Small Wooden building
8. Permanent venue 4: One Room Shop
9. Permanent venue 5: Small Stone Shop
10. Permanent venue 6: A medium stone shop
11. Permanent venue 7: A large two level venue.
12. Permanent venue 8: A large, multi level venue. Can take up three or more levels and overall a very large area.

Special Orders
This represents the ability of the shop in question to procure sometihng a customer wants but they do not currently have on hand.

1. N/A what you see is what you get
2. Poor, 1D6+1 months
3. Moderate, 2D4 weeks
4. Pretty good, 1D6 weeks
5. Very good, 1d10 days
6. Amazing, come back tomorrow

Not all goods and services are created equal. The lower quality of goods, the more likely that some materials are sub-standard, imitation, or simply defective that have been touched up to sell maybe once. Conversely, the higher quality that is found,ne the more lasting or durable the goods in question are. However, just because it is expensive or very cheap, it is no guarantee of quality or lack of quality. Appraise and caveat emptor
1. Average
2. Above average
3. Excellent
4. Special

This attribute measures how much stock the shop in question has readily available, ranging from how many weapons on hand, to how much beer in the barrels to the number of prostitutes available.

1. Well stocked
2. Impressive
3. Anything in creation
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Re: Random Shop Generator - For the Grand Agora.
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2009, 06:36:46 PM »
A Simple Sword (Meta-1: Swords)
Size: Portable venue 1: a rolling cart,  Inventory: Meager, Quality: Special, Special Orders: Amazing, come back tomorrow

Do not let the name fool you, ye traveler. This cart sits in The Pit, but has it's main wearhouse connected to the Pit via a door. It's shopkeeper stands next to the cart ln common clothing. Yet this shop has a special service: selling the largest selection of unmagical swords available. All are of highest quality metal, with the mass produced swords on display of the most simple designs. Most likely, special orders are the master crafted versions of basic designs. (Kudos to FFXII for the idea!) These are of the best quality available anywhere. All can be ordered in any number required (thanks to the simplicity of the product.) These are perfect for turning into magical swords.

This cart does not sell shields or armor. Look to the next cart for shields. The two carts share a loose affiliation, and many times the owner of one orthe  other sends the shoppers from one to another. On the cart is simply the basics. A basic short sword, long sword, halbard, Katana.. etc, etc, etc.

Weapons other that swords..look elsewhere.

A Sturdy Shield (Meta-2: Shields)
Size: Portable venue 2: an elaborate gypsy style cart, Inventory: Well stocked, Quality: Special, Special Orders: Very good, 1d10 days

No description yet. If you want to make one, go ahead. bonus points!

Orken Stonewerks (1-2: Minor Statuary)
Size: Portable venue 1: a rolling cart,  Inventory: Meager, Quality: Above average, Special Orders: Very good, 1d10 days

A seller of small stone items, perfect for use by mages who use 'glyph magic'. Also sells stone blanks of several standardized sizes, for home use. Perfect for 'statue magic' albeit on a very small scale. The saleswoman (or woman) is obviously not a Ork. (Orks do not exist in my setting, except as stories.)

The Pink Palace (4-18)
Size: Permanent venue: Bottom floor of a large stone building, Inventory: anything in creation, Quality: Special, Special Orders: Amazing, come back tomorrow

Somehow a cunning merchant accquired a large tower, formerly a central keep for one of the castles surrounding the old city. The lower floors are filled with bedrooms now, and as anybody will tell you.. it's not a hotel. Infact, it's labaled as apartments on official records, but records are liars and everybody knows that this is the local house of sin, it's rooms filled with every type of woman you can name, and if you cannot find what you want, ask and the nearest thing shall be magically modified. If you want, you can even ask for the house mage to summon the woman of your choice (or whip something up.) Making the women custom ordered docile enough (demon or not) takes a day, and those who want something special can come back tomorrow. (The idea is that the less time special orders take, the less likley the Metropolis will provide a requested rarity in some local pub.) A oddball speciality is found in the variety of Orkish women available to immediate summoning. (They live in a village some ways away in setting and if you travel to it, they will deny everything. (This is their secret way to get currency because the males as too dumb to give them enough money to keep busy shopping. :eek: )

Pampered Pets (Petshop - Elegant pets, Size: A large, multi level venue. Can take up three or more levels and overall a very large area, Inventory: impressive, Quality: Excellent, Special Orders: Poor, 1D6+1 months

Setiea's Silks (Clothing Shop - Slik Only, Size: A large two level venue, Inventory: anything in creation, Quality: special, Special Orders: Pretty good, 1D6 weeks)

The Black Writ (Bookdealer - Cult Books, Size: Single Room Shop, Inventory: Almost nothing, Special Orders: Pretty good, 1D6 weeks,  Quality: special)

The written works of a cult are often troublesome to sell. However, even these have buyers, and those willing for whatever reason to risk selling them. Regardless, having a entire collection of cult works on the bookshelves is very hard to explain. This is why this shop, hidden behind another bookshop, has such a meager selection.

The books here are almost useless in their utility to the cultist, but if you know what you are looking for, you can order anything albeit with a respectable wait for your purchase to be copied from a fellow's copy, then sent through various contacts (including copies that do not make it to the store) and for the store to contact you that it's ready. Getting the books home and keeping them safe are your concerns.

Tools of the Trade (Weapon Dealer - Specialty Assassin Weapons, Size: Small Stone Shop , Inventory: Almost nothing, Quality: Excellent,  Special Orders: Very good, 1d10 days, Level 3, via secret entrances available via old tunnels. Level 4, via a secret door close to the Merchant Transportation Center.)

This shop does not specialize is finished equipments, but rather specializes in custom equipment built upon request. To order, you must know what you want specifically, and a small inventory exists to show off the types of inventory that can be built. However, the things on display and not on sale if they are the last of a type, nor are they very attractive. (Or functional if  made in such a way as to show off the workings of a specific mechanism.) This merchant can request high prices for custom orders because of the good work of the guild smiths. As well he receives a sometime income for delivering not information but confirmative details to the guild when requested. (With severe penalties for his harm/death on the books).

When assassins come to this shop via the lower level entrance, they receive a small discount (7.5%) because of the secretive nature of said entrance - knowing about it is a sign of trust. Shopping here is seen as a spacial event and purchasing that custom good is often a highlight of one's year. When ordering, allow for (A amazingly short) week and a half of time for your orders to come in. These are kept in short term ledgers however, and can be searched by the guild to help confirm who has done what. Each ledger is supposed 0to be destroyed yet a copy is kept by the guild's mute scribes who must wear tracking collars for the rest of their lives.
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