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*a bold looking samurai takes a seat by himself in the tavern* "barmaiden saki please" *the samurai then removes his two swords at his side and sets them on the table. The green Sheath and hilt reflect the light from poloshed colored wood under a laqure coating. The samurai then ujusted his kimono and produced a sack of coins seting three out for the barmaiden when she arives with the saki* "please none of that grog...only saki" *the samurai then ties back his hair into a pony tail and smiles* "im Umbra...or atleast thats my nickname."

It's sake, not saki.

i thought you said it was saki you little hipo.

Nope. It's sake.

Whatever. Anyway....

A penguin, standing four feet tall and wearing a ridiculous pirate costume, including a pirate captain's hat with an enourmous feather plume, a stocking cap beneath that, and goggles with rose colored lenses. A wooden sword, apparently a toy, is thrust through his belt.

"D'arr! I be Cap'n Penguin, Master of the Famous, World-Renowned, Unfortunately Permanent Brigade! I'm sure yeh've heard 'o' me! Are you buyin'? 'Cuz I'll drink with yeh'!"


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