Author Topic: My idea for a table top RPG...  (Read 1802 times)

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My idea for a table top RPG...
« on: July 19, 2009, 08:41:19 PM »
Hello folks! After years of not playing table top RPGs, I started playing them again with some friends of mine. We found ourselves getting bored with all of the rigid rules, however. We decided to make our own simplified RPG using a 6 sided dice. I can post that old system if you folks like...

In any case, While playing Fallout 3 for the XBOX 360, I had an idea for a new Table top RPG (using a lot of the elements we had used from the old system we made). Here is the introduction I have written for the intro...

"Homes destroyed... Cities leveled... Forests burned into nothing but cinders...

...For what, you may ask? No one knows...

All anyone knows at this moment is the flash of blinding light... Thankfully, though, it's only temporary... Your eyes begin to regain sight, and you go to look out your window. Forests, hills, suburbs, and finally... a bright mushroom cloud is what you see...

While watching the cloud rise higher and higher, you realise the expanding ring of force ripping through the trees and coming towards your house. Ducking for any form of cover you can get to, the glass in your home erupts into a chaotic shower of razors. Luckily, the walls seem to be in tact, albeit they are tattered and the wallpaper is torn from the flying glass...

You go to the television to see what the news will tell you, but the screen is blown out. You run over to your alarm clock and try to turn it on, but it doesn't respond. Finally, it sinks in that there doesn't seem to be any electricity at all.

This is when it begins... First you hear shouting. Next, screaming. Finally... gunshots. As you watch out of what's left of your window for any signs of movement, you see a man run off with a gun and a grocery bag of what seems like food and electronics.

All sorts of chaos can be heard in the distance. It seems people are panicking and beginning to loot their neighbors. Is this what human nature has come down to? Just then, you hear your door open... You felt you were in a safe neighborhood and never thought to lock your door before. Scanning the room for anything to grab, you see it...

...On the counter is the butcher knife from when you were chopping letuce to make your sandwhich earlier that day..."

Will your character see the need for a leader and help people? Maybe someone is back at ground zero that you love? Maybe you're a heartless prick that will steal and rob anyone and take advantage of the situation... Or maybe you are a crazy homeless person who's been saying for years that the world was going to end, and now people see you as some kind of prophet...

Now, this is not Fallout. There are no mutants, there is no power armor, and there are no pip boys. I just liked the idea of desperation and survival. =) Ah well, if you folks would like to see the system I have written so far, I can post it. It's very simple and primitive... It will need a lot of work. =P Then again, I like to keep it simple and easy to grasp... Something you can just pick up and do on the spot, then leave off wherever you want. =) Also makes it easy for people to jump right in who may not have a lot of experience with pen and paper RPGs. Ah well, I'm really curious about people's opinions on this... Should I go with this?
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Re: My idea for a table top RPG...
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2009, 03:49:14 AM »
Post it, if no one else, I'd like to see it.  I've fooled around with system making on occasion, but I can never get motivated enough, or end up getting bogged down in the minutiae, and never get anything to an operational state.
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