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A week passed while rooting about the ruins, with nothing to show for it save a few bruises in scuffles with other scavengers over choice sites.  Blades stayed sheathed thus far ? nothing found good enough to shed blood for.

However, this day was different, one of the party found a previously untouched door in the side of what once was a temple to Emperor Yhorn, as attested to by fancy runes carved into the crumbling marble.

In front of you is a large, stone door, with bronze hinges clearly visible and green with age. A metal plate is pierced with a keyhole near where presumably a latch resides.

Having prepared his spells for the day, Trach gathered his things in his pack and made himself ready for the day's adventure. Like many others on site, he was eager to explore the ruins beyond the stone door, but was content to wait until the sneaks had time to inspect it for any nasty suprises.

Trach gazed upon the inscriptions on the door's facade, absently pondering it's age.

"Let's crack this baby open" Kardan mused. The vaults of temples had a nasty habit of being trapped - as if the worshippers did not believe in their god's protection. Kardan did, and therefore carried the symbols of a dozen deities.

He advanced towards the door, feeling around, examining it, knocking here and there with his hammer to find hollow spaces; after making sure they were not in for some unpleasant surprise, he'd probe the lock with his tools. "Inviting yourself in, whether into treasuries or ladies' rooms, is always entertaining."

After satisfying himself that no unseen dangers were in the door itself, Kardan probed the lock. Almost immediately the lock gave a satisfying click.

A yank on the door, however, was not so satisfying.  A loud sproing sound , as if some mechanical device had failed to operate, and the door held fast.  It had moved an inch, but failed to yield to the rogues effort to open it.

Failure to find defective trap.
Exceptional success on Pick Locks.

"I'm not sure what that you did, but can you un-do it?" Tyrin asked, keeping his sharp eyes on the look-out for any other hazards that may present themselves.


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