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Gothic Space Horror II

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Open casting for spots in space survival horror game.

Looking to fill 3-4 slots.

Am there :P

The setting:

Gothic Space Horror II will be set in an undisclosed location in a somewhat distant future. Colonization of the Solar system has gone reasonably well with major colonial settlements on the Moon, Mars, and several giant space habitats. Some of these have passed the colonial phase and are now either under their own government or have joined nations not as territories or protectorates but as member states or non-terrestrial provinces.

Things get more dicey out past the asteroid belt. The Jovian colonies are entirely dependent on supplies from the inner system, and attempts to move settlements beyond the orbit of Jupiter has so far failed. Few missions beyond this demarcation have ever returned and those that have remain classified. The current tally of ships lost Deep System stands at 114 in the last 300 years. These range from military vessels, colonial transports, off course star liners and even rescue craft have been lost.

Characters will only need a reason to be on a ship. In space.

Oh come on folks - jump in!

Don't be scared!


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