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Phoe's Harry Potter Game - Characters
« on: June 25, 2009, 03:47:30 AM »
We have permission from Ush, so post your character name, physical description and a bit about their history and personality.
    Lady(Mykyra)Frost is a character I made in a carry on. She is a tall thin sexy woman with long sleek jet black hair that falls down to her lower back, icey blue eyes that have very high defined eyebrows arched above them and thick lucious lips.

Her robes are white with silver shimmering sparkles on them. The trimming of her robe is shimmering silver.

She was the former Head Mistress of Grenadeau Grenalies Sorcery School in Greenland and a distant relative of Sirius Black. She has been assigned as the Head Mistress at Hogwart's. After Lucious Malfoy having kept Cornelious Fudge constantly under the imperious curse and feeding him wrongful information he was removed from his position, thus Dumbledore has replaced him. big grin

She is an animagi that portrays a white tiger.

She has a very cool personality smile. Those that don't know her personally thinks she is a bit mysterious. Those that know her well know that she is very loyal, trustworthy and is always up for an adventure. It isn't wise to cross her, unless you want to be turned into ice. Her best magical ability is freeze things with her eyes.

Her favorite season is winter, where she can be found boarding on her Snotrum 2003, a snowboard broom, wherever there is fresh powder.

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