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Popular Fantasy: Clash of the Titans

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For those of you to young to remeber, The Clash of the Titans was a great movie from 1981 that showcased the cutting edge of special effects and 80's hair. It's a great movie about Greek mythology and frankly blows away disney's hercules. It's a classic of fantasy movies and has some of the best stop-motion photography in any movie.

Here's a link for those of you who are to young:


Now that movie rocks!!!! Oldy but Goody for certain.

It has got it all and even the choppy 'technology' doesn't detract from the overall story and excitement.

No i have never seen that movie. But a good movie that is old that i like is Paton Or some of the others like Full Metal Jacket but thats just me.

Never seen it.

Paton and Full Metal Jacket?

Where did that come from? Those aren't old!? and wrong genre.

You MUST see Clash to understand.

Have you seen The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad at least? That will give you an idea.


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