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Dungeon Crawl Player Request (Currently Open for players)

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Anyone interested in a RP-light, combat heavy dungeon crawl type adventure? Game system would be 3.5 with some alterations (less emphasis on position and reach).

Let me know if there is any interest here.

Sounds fun, as long as it doesn't mean you're giving up on Respite. I was actually in the mood for a nice dungeon crawl; I actually pulled out a pad of graph paper, a few moments before reading this, to draw out a dungeon. Count me in!

No, I'm not abandoning Respite - there does seem to be a lull there though.  I will continue to post there.

Exploring ancient domains of mystery, looting them and killing their inhabitants? I'm all for that.

sounds like fun. kinda like what i'm running right now. And I have LOTS of online time since I don't have a lot to do over the summer at work.


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