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Theories of Everything
« on: June 12, 2009, 04:24:35 AM »
Biologists believe that life had a beginning-yet philosophers should not be so sure. Life may have always existed. It may have been created along with everything else in eternity. Eternity is a difficult concept to comprehend. The Universe we experience is temporal and seems to some theorists to have expanded like a balloon from a singularity in about 13.7 billion years. Yet the theories about how that universe expanded stretching about are many. Some consider the four dimensions it seems to have to be a surface appearance overlaying several smaller dimensions. Those smaller dimensions may transcend the local features of our Universe-yet how far?

Is the structure of this universe reflected in the smaller dimensions? May the smaller dimensions have a larger field they cohere in? Are the strings and loops or membranes in those smaller dimensions that seem like point particles in this universe forming in to quarks, bosuns and larger particles all the way up to atoms corresponding to the observable macro-cosmological structure of this Universe? If they do then why would they have non-local quantum characteristics such as quantum entanglement and super-positioning? The observable universe and its history may be just one relative way of experiencing the Universe...It's frame of reference has the implicit characteristics given to observers in this locality macro-cosmically. There isn't a valid reason at all why the observable universe should be the largest scale structure in it, merely the largest structure we are able to perceive for a number of reasons.

Time and space unified in a field together that develops in relation to mass and energy arrays may be a direction that is observable but that may be just an wonderful appearance. With the concepts of relativity and conditionality the experience of empirical data may be taken as phenomenal. The point I would like to make for philosophical purposes here is that eternity may contain all things ever existing and the experience in this Universe that physically grounded or arisen observers have is temporal and conditional. The temporality is in some way equivalent to spatial intervals and necessary for the experience of being as a mortal and of motion and change in the expansion of the Universe with its thermodynamic characteristics. What if God had created all things forever and we experience just a little of that slice of eternity as a temporal experience of wild volkerwanderrung through the allotted portion of the Universe.? The human race together goes on its march or ride through the experience of a Universe knowing that biologically it was probably evolved or theistically evolved locally universally speaking-made from mud Adamas could label things with words and ideas in times past. Yet he still does in a sense name things. I believe God might download some approximations for human understanding in a manner of speaking, for the glory of God even in reasoning would be more than our finite minds might encompass. So we shall move on to the more technical aspects of a theory about how life began in-the-Universe, after stipulating the point that life and every individual may have been pre-destined and foreknown by God since eternity 'started' whenever (long ago and further that a trillion times 100 google years to the googlith power).

Spirit is what is thought of as meaningful life for Christians and some others-it denotes sentience...so when did spirit begin or has it always existed with a spiritual foundation of the Universe and an infinite number of dimensions and actualization of being and becoming as well? Biological life exists on Earth and in the Universe and we can accept a standard scientific time-line for that process-yet biological life too is a compilation of deterministic component phenomena of wave-particle duality actualized from an inflaton and temporalization of four dimensions of space-time perhaps from far smaller dimensions and string or loop/membrane fundamental 'essents'. If a word was spoken to kick start the inflaton in to creating space-time, mass and energy by a spiritual agency then when did life begin, exactly?

One cannot be satisfied with how life began-the answer must include how everything began; for in that criterion are the many insoluble problems to think about regarding eternity, space, interval, monism, pluralism, temporality and so forth. The One of neo-Platonist interest occupies the same sort of criterion for wonder as the logical existence of any material origin or field of quanta and information in the Universe. Speculations about the One in a sense arrive at paradigms that one might develop about the infinitely small singularity before T = 0 in the direction of the past.

If the past is not in time, really, but exists in a logic event order that has changed-why did the order exist? Why did the origin have any size dimension at all? Why was an infinity in one direction not an infinity in the other simultaneously? Why was the initial field not unified but tolerant of quantum effects? It seems that temporality emerging from a very intense alternate condition is rather phenomenal-so we shall leave it their for now. Many theories exist such as membrane theory, that take the important questions a little for granted-as given things not in eternal or infinite meta-structures. Why should the eternal reduce anything to a temporal appearance existing forever from alpha to omega as one set of Creation of a Universe, possibly amidst the good existence of every possible Universe in some context?

We cannot really be sure of what life is or how it is grounded in the Unified Field that must exist, logically in some way-yet the logical permutation of forms of matter and energy over the time paradigm of 13.7 billion years Earth-relative is interesting...does any formation including that of animate existence have a possibility of occurring outside of a pre-determined actualization of the Universal field?

Formulation of paradigms of what occurred beyond an observable or substantially verifiable parameter remain, necessarily, theoretical. Recent theories have posited that the Universe isn't actually increasing its real rate of expansion (of space-time) due to an unobservable 'dark energy'-instead an alternate theory proposes that the increasing of expansion of the Universe is simply an appearance produced because the Earth is in a comparatively special region of the Universe with a very low density of matter.

The Universe in this paradigm does not have a symmetrical distribution of matter but is instead asymmetric. With different concentrations of mass light travels slower and space expands slower in those areas, while in the dense voids light travels comparatively unimpeded and the effects of an increase in expansion result. Along with the problems that quantum mechanical uncertainty with action at a distance presents to the criteria of the space-time geometry of special relativity it becomes evident once again, as science has discovered innumerable times, that the actual, absolute or final structure of mass-energy, space-time and configuration of the existential space of reality is uncertain-we shall likely always perceive the temporal world through a glass darkly yet nonetheless occasionally refine or cinch up our scientific understanding of how things are and how they became while subsequently transcending out scientific paradigm in a quantum leap of nullification of the accuracy of what we considered to be true. Meanwhile the word of God remains true-it is a revealed communication criterion misinterpreted and misunderstood by many regarding creation parameters.

Direct observation of the beginning of life at its first start isn't directly observable-it lies in the past. With special relativity it does become theoretically possible to observe the start of life perhaps 4.6 billion years ago by observing the Earths light from that era from some place more than 4.6 billion light years away with very sensitive instruments of observation. Presently the physical knowledge of how to travel so a great distance instantly isn't known yet with multi-dimensional brane theory maybe it will be come possible some day. In the meanwhile science is left with inference and theory used to interpret the 'empirical world' such that evidence consistent with theory sketches in a version of how life began.
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Re: Theories of Everything
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2009, 09:07:15 AM »
It doesn't happen every day that you are enlightened by a spammer. Links were deleted, but the content can be kept just for the heck of it. Maybe we can make something out of it. :)
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Re: Theories of Everything
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Whoaw. This is the most enlightened spammer ever.

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