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This is just the movie, not any of the many game titles, books, or the Role playing game. You remember, the one with the Wayans brother, and the 'bad-ass' with the BLUE lipstick? Open up your own can of whoop ass and tell us how you really feel.

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That movie was a total s**tFEST.
It was as bad as Bill O'Reilly, one of the few people in the universe that I actually hate.
It is was total crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrappitycrap!
I wanted to use one of my katanas* to chop it into tiny peices!
I wanted to burn it and stomp on it and kill the people who made it.

And I made fun of it by calling that Dragon Staff thingy the "Crystal Wife-Beater".

*Yes, I really do own katanas(samurai swords). I actually have six.

It sucked a gorilla's ass.
It sucked on ice.
It sucked here and there.
It sucked everywhere.
It sucked on a train.
It sucked on a plane.
It sucked with a fox.
It sucked in a box.

The D&D movie blows goats.

Heh-heh. Crystal Wife-Beater. Heh.

lol you got CP going  :P  :hyper:

Ria Hawk:
Oh dear God no...


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