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Yeshin 4030: After Earth

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The year is 4030 and the earth is long gone. Times have chnged it is no longer the humans with the power. Istead the humans are used for amusment among the stronger beings of the time. The shift was not gradual but more of a landslide. If only the humans new that neuclear war was not the solution but...whos to say what may have been? The planet that humans call home was destroyed in a war between the lesser races (humans) and the greaters (A super smart race of Humanoid creatures with blue skin <can be improved on later>). But the power is not shared merly between the lessers and the greaters but rather three ways. The third a middle class of creatures not from one planet like the lessers and the greaters but rather from all planets. Life in 4030 is not great most planets poverty stricken and war torn. Bandits, Pirates, Rogues you name it they are all here but then there are the commeners who try and live out there lives never amounting to anything and not caring merchants, shop owners, low business men and other such beings. The enforcers, Beings that want to sow peace and harmony into all planets and galexys, beings that fall under this catigory are heros, law enforcers, generals, legioners ( army people err rather beings) and other do gooders. The last but most vast is the nutral and most harmonistic these beings choose to help or slay or live there lives they go with the wind or where life takes them, Mercenarys, Assasins, Hired hands, Mechanics, Vigilantie and many others.

so take some time read the post and see what yah think feel free to add ideas be free like the neutral.

allso in the time of 4030 mechs and robots play a key element in the survival of many. Mechs used for good or bad or inbetween there all work horses of many planets. The weaponry in 4030 is not much different from todays modern weapons. The guns still fire Progectiles instead of beams or rockets or whatever else. There are some super weapons in the world but there all devoted to war (where as they could be converted to be used for good by modifiyng it to shoot out a space teliscope or somthing of that sort and yes they are that big). Altho mechs and robots are the work horses ships of all manor get the job done with weapons to protect cargo and a new style of ship with an option to go into a mech form (much like Robotech or any other kind of changing ship thing) the pilots that drive these ships are a special breed they are tough and curagus and a little sicotic, they will win at all costs if neccisary but are also willing to give up if needed.

so ends my additon to Yeshin

Hmmm.... Very similar to Deadspace, but that's cool with me.

Some questions:

The super-intelligent, blue-skinned beings; Who are they? Where did they come from? How did they defeat the Humans? Do they also adventure, or are they some sort of nobility and royalty who do nothing but play the Games of Power and all that shed monkey fur in a hand drum?

The middle class race; Who are they? Where did they come from? How did they get their place in the universe of the year 4030?

Mechs; Please be more specific for those who don't know what you mean. Do you mean anime-style giant robots? Or simply tank-like machines and such?

Space Travel; How do they do it? If one follows scientific reasoning (Which you don't have to, be bear with me), it takes to long to go lower than the speed of light, and going faster than the speed of light has many, many flaws that I won't go into. So, how do they travel space?

"Yeshin"; What is it? Is it the name of the blue-skinned race? Or some sort of human-blueskin crossbreed that is changing the "old order"? Or perhaps a newly discovered planet?

I envision this setting as a vast interstellar empire with a highly rigid caste system, ruled by the blue-skinned beings as the highest caste, with the middle race as a middle caste (Some humans might be able to rise to the middle caste), and the majority of humans, mutants, and the underappreciated robots making up the lowest caste.

I can change it if its to much like deadspace for your liking

Yes the blue skined creatures are of nobility, the highest form. They are the Yeshin they are of such rarity that even they do not know where they come from themselves. But they have spokespersons of the Greater class. They have been known to travel but they are weak there bodys very fragile there very thin and slendor tall not fat. The way they defeted the humans was a plague which attacks the human brain to there likeing. So as they did, could turn any normal human into a slave warrior or any other thing of there chosing. They transported the palgue in a small moon by the time the moon hit the earth it was but an astroid. now how did the planet expolde your wondering that was the humans...some of them the plague had a very bad side affect making them go crazy halucitations mostly. A group of these "crazys" got together and decided that the only way to free humanity was by destroying the earth. didn't work to well did it?

The middle class well they all gathered in planets that could suit all of the beings, with the ecentials of air, water, and other important "jive" the planets are mostly like earth differing in size and the amount of each ecential for each of the many different races to live off of. The way they all met was responding to a human radio wave years ago (way back then the space travel was slow and one had to be frozen to not die of old age or incanity). They all sent a Chancler and a few other important "people" of there race.

The mechs are Small about 10-20 ft tall. There like an outer hull of a being and enhance a certain atribute of the bieng like stregth for enstance. EX: a weaker being would use a Mech to help it to complete its task of moving a steel beam around or a cage full of humans.

Space travel is now organized and the many nations that make up the middle class have decided on a certain way of transport. Wormholes Giant hoops in the middle of space in stratigec spots so that space travel is relitivly fast and simple. These hoops produce a sort of controled black hole and can transport the largest of Carriers. The Hoops do not open the black hole whenever they feel like it, instead the hoops are controlled by a super computer (each with its own linked to a central database of many other super computers). The super computer sences the ship and then relays a message to the ship asking if they wan't to enter the hoop and were they want to travel. Its all cooridated so that during this hyper exceleration one ship does not crash into another ship (kind of like air traffic controlers how they map out the path so that planes won't crash into each other). Then the super computer gives the ship a countdown and then opens the hoop Zing there on the other side of a galaxy.

Thank you for your questions CP :D

Pretty well thought out.


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