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Writers Links Most Useful....
« on: June 18, 2009, 12:04:04 AM »
Generally useful

We love this site?s Word of the Day e-mail function. Without it, we wouldn?t know what a ?sudatorium? is. (By the way, it?s a room, especially in ancient Roman times, used for hot-air or steam baths.)

Having trouble naming your characters? Find names of all origins in one handy place.

?The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the Web, free of charge.? Couldn?t have said it better ourselves.

Everything you need to know about copyright law is right here. We highly recommend the FAQ section.

If you aren?t a part of the world?s largest social networking site, you need to be. (See Page 40 to learn why.) Just don?t ?poke? too many people.

This site shares topic-based lists of handpicked book recommendations. Its motto: ?Recommending books so good, they?ll keep you up past your bedtime.?

In addition to a breakdown of basic grammar and punctuation rules, this site offers fun interactive quizzes with answer keys and explanations.

The Internet Public Library?s Q&A section contains tons of great info, including a list of the 10 top-selling books of all time. Don?t see an answer to your question? It?s interactive: Just ask an IPL librarian.

No best-of-writing-websites list would be complete without Writer Beware, which is devoted to helping newbie writers and seasoned authors alike avoid getting scammed.

This free marketing tool allows you communicate with your family, friends, fans and potential fans in seconds with posts of 140 characters or less. (See Page 41 to learn more.)

All lovers of the English language can thank Merriam-Webster for this great time waster. There are games, daily buzzwords and trivia. Your kids will like it, too.

Looking for a conference near you? Search this extensive database by date, topic or region.

Genre Elements


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America?s website houses news, notes and writing tips for all who love these genres. Just be aware that some of its functions (including the forum) are for members only.


Everything you want to know about fiction?how to write better fiction, how to get your fiction published, how to promote and market your fiction?is here on this fun and useful website. You?ll also find genre-specific links.


Two editors share freelance tips and post frequently on topics such as career resources, media and getaways for writers.


Mort Castle, Tim Waggoner and others chime in on the art, craft and business of writing horror.


These romance writers feature live chats and interviews with authors and maintain an active forum.

For the fifth year in a row, the Romance Divas make the list. The site is useful, inspiring and easy to navigate.

Get a romance-writing fix of interviews, contests and chats.


Find screenwriting contests, markets or software that suits your needs in this site?s giant database.

Check out this nonprofit?s articles on feature script and TV script formatting, as well as its lengthy free newsletter.


murderby4.blogspot.com Murder by 4 follows four thriller/suspense authors who share their unique styles and diverse experiences, along with articles, author interviews and reviews.

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