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Three Years
« on: March 25, 2009, 06:28:48 PM »
 Although I am six days short, I'll go ahead and say it. I have been a member of Strolen's Citadel for three years! I know that some of you have bee on for longer, but three years feels like a really long time. In those years I've learned a lot about GMing, gotten together a group, and played quite a bit actually. I've also learned a few very important things that I'll sum up for you:

-Drow (dark elves) should never be used

-Drow Assassins less frequently

-Moonhunter dislikes Dungeons and Dragons

-Moon likes Traveller

-Never feed the flying monkeys
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Re: Three Years
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2009, 07:13:13 PM »
valuable lessons all, Drack :)

I've also been here 3 years now. Happy anniversary to us!
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Re: Three Years
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2009, 02:54:20 AM »
The date is October 1st 2003...
A chill fall breeze whips though the Citadel courtyard as a newcomer throws open the gates. He comes bearing a a maniacal smile and a bag full of malign goodies. Slowly, he unearths a pile of horrible treasures; daring anyone to stop him. After a while he seemed to have stopped, nothing more came from that amazing bag for quite some time. Perhaps his fire had burnt out?

...No! He sprang to life once more and announced to the Citadel, "I am the mighty Pieh! For now and forever, and I am here to stay!"

Yeah, that's kinda how it happened.

I think this place can really grow on a person. Not like a fungus, but rather like a child. This place grows on us, and in us, and, especially, with us. With our help. This is truly a Role-Playing Community in it's finest sense. We live here, we will live on through our deeds here, and in the minds of our fellow Strolenites. Sure, we get bad bananas once in a while but they can make the best banana bread. I think every current active member here is a genius in their own way and contributes both quality works of art and long-lasting tools with which to create more art.

I would just like to take this thread space to say thanks to everyone who has stuck with the Citadel over the years. You long lasting members are what makes this place great. We get a chance to know each other and learn from our mistakes. With friendship and constructive criticism comes stronger friendships and better writing. So, in conclusion, I'm a rambling doorknob. Be kind, please rewind.
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Re: Three Years
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2009, 01:09:23 PM »
I've been around here and the old citadel for... 5 years? And I have... what? 12 submissions? Maybe more? That's pathetic!

Happy anniversary to both of you.
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Re: Three Years
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2009, 12:25:10 AM »
Moon does not hate Dungeons and Dragons.  Moon hates that to most people that is all gaming is about.

Moon likes Traveller. Champions. Pretty much every Herosystem (Fantasy Hero, Western Hero, Pulp Hero, Danger International). WereWolf. Changeling. Empire of the Petal Throne, Serenity, Fasa Star Trek, and Blue Planet, plus some other ones I am willing to play as well. The named games are ones I would play in a heartbeat.

And trust me guys, the time just gets away from you.  I was just looking for a few fonts. Somebody said something silly in a forum and I had to correct their mistake... and ... yah. that was a while ago.
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