Author Topic: Branched from the Interesting Non-Game thread  (Read 1707 times)

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Branched from the Interesting Non-Game thread
« on: April 05, 2009, 09:39:34 PM »
This seemed a bit much to just reply in-thread, so I figured a new topic was in order.

Sex with robots

That's where it starts, but it goes much further, up to an interesting way, how the humanity could end.

Maybe I missed something, but it seems like the majority of it was simply talking about a globalized information network. Only about 2/3rds through does the topic of technologically stimulated orgasms come up, and even then, it all seems to be very VERY loosely tied in with the former information.

Some points being brought up are valid, assuming the technology catches on, but to be honest, I doubt that humanity will ever outgrow it's fascination with the opposite sex. Even once the Uncanny Valley has a bridge built over it, I don't think we'll be so easily pulled away from another living, breathing person. We're built for each other, as a species. There's just too much about being a human that we don't know that we can't program into a robot, and that inhumanity will be a definite stopping point for a large number of people.

In era when both STD epidemics and massive human over population are rife, this is an innovation that couldn't come too soon.

I constantly hear people warning about global overpopulation, but I never really get any numbers to back it up. Okay, we've got 6.something billion people on the surface of the planet. We've also got about 70% of the Earth's surface that we simply don't even touch, underneath the waves. We've also got more than enough capacity for food production, right now, not including the vast untouched resources of the sea.

As a result, I'm very highly skeptical of global overpopulation as a serious issue. Can I get some good discussion on this one? Why should I be concerned about global overpopulation? Everything I read about it seems to be under dispute. Certainly it will eventually be an issue, on the very long timescale (which I have various reasons for not caring about), but right now it just doesn't seem to be something to truly worry about. I'm more interested in fixing some of the other things that we've discovered during our research into overpop: the 1 billion people considered to be overweight, for instance. Or maybe the fact that we can't seem to sustain the rate of materials consumption we need to let everyone have a 'modern lifestyle':

Quote from: Wikipedia Overpopulation Page
"Earth's natural wealth: an audit" by New Scientist magazine states that many of the minerals that we use for a variety of products are in danger of running out in the near future. "A handful of geologists around the world have calculated the costs of new technologies in terms of the materials they use and the implications of their spreading to the developing world. All agree that the planet's booming population and rising standards of living are set to put unprecedented demands on the materials that only Earth itself can provide. Limitations on how much of these materials is available could even mean that some technologies are not worth pursuing long term.... "Virgin stocks of several metals appear inadequate to sustain the modern 'developed world' quality of life for all of Earth's people under contemporary technology".

Seems to me like these could be indicative that perhaps our modern lifestyle as a whole isn't necessarily the best one to be living, and maybe we need to tone down our consumption individually before worrying about global population.

I see these as much more important issues than their parent topic. Anyone care to convince me of the error of my ways?
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