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 When it is needed to advance the story and/or game, I will say that your characters do this or that. If there is a problem with this (e.g. "My character wouldn't do that", "I wanted to do something else", etc.) then please tell me and I will make amends. I wil try to get some action soon, it's been a little slow so far.

 For the next two months or so, my posting will be far between, but do not despair if I do not reply for a week, I will not let Tarlith die out, I want to see how it ends.

The Spiritborn:
Okay, come on everybody. We need to jumpstart this thread! I was excited to see this start and really want to see it through, I am sure Drackler feels the same. So don't let it sit here to rot, post! If you can't then message the one who should, or at the very least try to post.


 I apologize at my laxity of posting. I will endeavor to keep up with you now, though. It seems that we've been getting going again, and I'll try to keep it that way.


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