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 Well, it has begun. Go ahead and post when ready and once I've introduced your character. By the by, no emoticons, please, they annoy me like fhtagn.


What's a bhuka look like, anyway?

 Roughly like this.

Since most of characters have or will interact with each other, I figured a physical description might be useful.
   Rhen Volmar - appearance:
5'10" 195 lbs Blue eyes, short length black hair. Lean build, despite his weight. Very tan skin. Light blue tunic, arm bands, pale red pants, hood, scarf. Reversible cloak with hood: biege on one side, reddish brown on the other (currently biege turned outward). The hilt of a sword can be seen over his right shoulder, scabbard running diagonally across his back beneath the cloak. Under the cloak, a short sword rests at his right hip, a dagger at his left hip, belt pouches, and sack slung over a shoulder. Here's what I based his clothing scheme on:



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