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Now that he was invited Lem moved into the circle of them and sat down, enjoying the warmth of the fire rather than the cold air of the desert night. "Myself I have only travelled a few times, though never this route. My name is Lem, and what about yours?"

The Spiritborn:
"Heh, my luck never seems to show when I need it most. On the subject of wine, I must partake. It has been many a year since I have had good wine and good company to drink it with. I have spent the past few years, wandering the wastes and doing odd jobs. Mainly mercenary work, high risk stuff. Caravans need guarding and the oases around here always want protection. I am not too bad with a blade. Xanathur, of the wastes at your service gentleman.

"Yes, yes, here we all are. Shall we begin with the dice and wine? Oh, yes, I am Ss'kerswihpp. And I enjoy dice and wine, yes, yes!" The bhuka eyed the bottle of wine with intensity.

 The guard gave a look of surprise to Lem, and then stumbled an apology, "Pardon, sirs! I have been lax in my manners. This harsh desert does things to your memories of common courtesy. My name is Barakhim", he bows low in greeting, "Now, let us get to the wine. Who will test the dice this night?"

The Spiritborn:
"Dice" Xanathur replied grinning. "I don't have much to offer in the way of coin, but for fun I would join you. I might have more gold after we accomplish our journey and the merchant gives us our payment." Xanathur shrugged, risks were his kind of business but this time he had little to risk with. Better just to wait and have a reasonable wager on the dice when gold was not so hard to come by.


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