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Ancient Gamer:

Most of you remember the evil downtime of a few weeks past. For days the server was down, and only a select few of us had any insight into WHY the site was down.

Now more of you can stay in the loop!

Just log on to facebook and paste this into your web browser address bar:

Ask to become a member, and me or manfred will let you in.

This way you will have somewhere to look should the site disappear again.

Michael Jotne Slayer:
First rule of the Strolenati, don't talk about the Strolenati...

Ancient Gamer:
For the privacy oriented:
Some users have created fake accounts with fake names and subscribed to the group.

That is a neat way to protect your privacy and stay tuned in on any Strolenati news.

So, if you are worried about your privacy: create a fake facebook account. 'tis in the spirit of the Strolenati!

If a young gentleman of the Charlotte, NC network requests passage into the group, he is I.  :)

Ancient Gamer:
Flashes Strolenati secret signet ring in a welcoming gesture!


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