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Ancient Gamer:
Unbelievably there is an Monstropedia.org as well...

Hmmm monstropedia.com is blacklisted in a lot of spam registries, Strolen.

blacklist.spambag.org    blacklist.spambag.org    Listed
dul.maps.vix.com    dul.maps.vix.com    Listed
dun.dnsrbl.net    dun.dnsrbl.net    Listed
fl.chickenboner.biz    fl.chickenboner.biz    Listed


Monstropedia.com has a "Very Bad" blacklist status, with 10 DNS Black list entries.

Monstropedia.org is also blacklisted... A lot of entries!

As a matter of fact, they have been registerered with the same spam sites, an identical number of entries. An identical spam profile.
Accidental? I believe not.

The .ORG site is riddled with adsense advertisements. This guy needs money, and tried the ad-route.

My gut tells me they have the same Frenchie owner, and that he has been careless with his domains.

I believe I found the owner of .org... Perhaps not the one we want, but still, here goes:

He goes by the nick "Loki" in their forums.

BTW: Monstrous.com is www.Monstropedia.org's forum site and is linked to the site.
It is still active. It is also possible to access monstropediae.org, though not .com.

http://www.monstropedia.org/Main_Page <-- This link works.

He might not be interested in the older monstropedia site, perhaps not in monstrous.com either. I dunno really, he spent a loooooot of time and effort on the site. I think he wants the best for it, even though he seems preoccupied with other stuff at the time.

Perhaps he just didn't want to pay for two identical sites? Buying .com might have seemed like a good idea back in the day, but then again, when those bills pile up...


He was last active in their forums on the 2nd of december, some four days ago, so he is still around.

His Facebook profile:

He goes by the name of Loïc Number Six on Facebook.

Seems like he is living in Nepal and is from Paris, France. Seems to be active in the goth clubbing scene, EchoMirage style, perhaps a few steps more hard core than EchoMirage.

My guesstimate is that his roleplaying days are more or less over, and that, for now, he is more likely to enjoy meditation and serenity in Nepal, than administer a monster site on the web.

As you can see in the forums he is looking for some help, and I think you may the one, Neo, err, Strolen.



Gonna check some more on the .com IP...

Nah, the .COM IP is safely tucked away in Scottsdale, AZ, in the IP vaults of GoDaddy.

.com is currently in auction for $12 plus an auction fee but considering it is all still up and he is still active.

I was just worried it would disappear forever, but it is alive.

Ancient Gamer:

My thoughts exactly.

Anyone want to find it, the new IP is



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