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It has full descriptions of every mythological creatures origins and the folklore and legends surrounding them. For a GM, it was better than finding an actual gold piece. (Well, maybe not an ACTUAL gold piece …)

Monstropedia bills itself as the “ultimate online encyclopedia of monsters in myth, magick and legend” and has the goal of cataloging more than 5,000 creatures, legendary and imaginary, in its wiki-styled database.

As a resource for story-starved GMs — it’s unparalleled.

Belief it or not, I actually used to be an editor for the Monstropedia database. Never did I predict that it would get that vast and extensive someday.  :)

NOTICE: This domain name expired on 11/10/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Does that mean we can steal the name at least for the upcoming Strolen's Monstropedia ebook of lifeforms?   :flydrag1:

How could they let that go?

I wish the owners werearound to work with. If only we had a security expert that could help track them down

If it is going down, better us grabbing it than another but sometimes catching expiring names can be a chalenging.

I am game though.


25 days it goes to an auction.
42 days itis released for general registration

Ancient Gamer:
I'll see if I can track them down.

You'll want pictures of grandma in panties again I'll wager... ;)


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