Author Topic: A Final Act of Justice  (Read 4667 times)

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A Final Act of Justice
« on: July 10, 2010, 03:22:13 AM »
 A long time has passed since the days of peace in Pala. The entire country has erupted in war. How it started no one really remembers, but for generations we continued to fight among ourselves. Warlords still fighting for power, arms dealers still fueling the conflict, and hundreds of innocent people dying everyday. Im tired of it. As a child I joined my father Dumisani in the fight to free this land under our fearless leader Melisizwe. I grew up among warriors and peasants alike, but my participation was not my own, and as such, my role was minimal at first. Sent to spy on the various outposts, eavesdrop on meetings with arms dealers, etc.

 As I grew older, and my dedication to the cause increased, my role in the movement took a more violent turn. To truly fight for Pala's freedom I had to join the guerilla raids on Pala's enemies. Even as a child, i fought with as much ferocity as any man. It seemed like we would win for a time. But this was a foolish thought. They came durning the night, Nkosana's soldiers had tracked us down a week after one of our raids. Within mere hours of battle our cause had ended in the blood of Melisizwe. My father died protecting me from those evil men. With no home left I fled the country. In the years after I worked as a mercenary, never thinking I would ever see Pala again. It has been 17 years since my departure, and now I have returned to finally bring justice to Pala.


 A small Cessna plane landed on Pala's bare airstrip with it's only passenger, Enitan, still having second thoughts about what he was doing. The pilot got out and began opening the cargo hatch on the side of the craft. Enitan also got out at this point, gripping his sidearm as he did so. He scanned the airstrip but saw no one approach. Behind him he heard the pilot struggle to get the suitcase out of cargo. The pilot spoke:

"You said that you had a contact right? Because this the last trip I'm making to this hellhole. s**t, I don't see much money to be made here for a merc like you. These primates are on their last legs, it wont take...urhg....much to knock them on their ass. You sure you don't want to..."

"Enough," Came Enitan, "You were hired to get me here and you have." He moved towards the pilot and, pushing past him, he easily grabbed his suitcase from the side hatch. "Now leave if you don't want the local militias to find you. You don't have long." This reasoning seemed to reach the pilot, as he quickly took his plane and jettisoned into the air once more. Looking down the runway Enitan could see a small jeep approach from one of the far away hangers. His contact had arrived.