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Legends in the Making [GAME]

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Magus of the Citadel:

--- Quote ---Governor Virgil Bolswald - Bolswald is the govenor of the Karstlands, a region of boiling springs, fumaroles, and mineral crusted flats that break to reveal dry pits and leg breaking holes. His domain is large, but barren, and frequently is overrun with ogres, trolls, and other large races who like to bathe in the hot chemical pools. Because of this, Bolswald is fluent in nine grotesque languages, and runs the only bath house that caters to the largest and foulest tempered of non-humans. His daughter was taken recently as a 'bride' for a troll chieftan who liked the Preety Flaar Gurl.

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--- Quote ---High Nabob Spurtooth Lacadamoinon
The High Nabob was the most outrageous swindler to ever grace the capital. Appearing as an old, senile priest, he was holiness itself. It was his companion, a small fat monk, that told incredible stories how this man defeated many demons and all sorts of evil. Gathering alms for the poor, they were popular among the highest nobility and fooled even the Church of Truth and Light for a while. The old man was burned alive, the monk was never heard of again.
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--- Quote ---The Bright Lady Togava

A living legend at the tender age of five and twenty, Lady Togava was a noble's daughter, raised in comfort and opulence, until that fateful day, when during a spirited Royal Hunt, she was abducted by the steppe-riders of the grasslands. Togava was taken far away, and raised as a child-slave of the steppe tribes, until fate intervened again. The Hetman of the Plains, the leader of the steppe-riders had taken a liking to the sable-haired girl, and adopted her as his own, having lost his own daughter to the plague years earlier. From that day on, Togava was raised as a steppe warrior, an equal among her captors. She possessed beauty, skill, charisma, and a unique "understanding nature" which comes with been raised by two extremely opposite cultures. It came to pass that the Hetman died, but before he did, he announced his successor to be his beloved Togava. Now, Togava leads thirty thousand riders, and each one would lay down his life for his young "Queen", the Bright Lady, who "outshines the Sun."
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--- Quote ---The Indomitable Ilvin Raynes
If there was ever a man who most resembled a thumb that had been hit with a hammer, it would be Ilvin Raynes. His nose is broad and lumpy from being broken many times. One ear is mishapen from having been nearly bitten off and then later poorly reattached. Ilvin has a unique job, he is a beast-wrestler. Possessing almost infernal strength and iron-like constitution, Raynes has survived grappling matches with bears, dire wolves, bull orcs, two headed trollish muntjacks and other monstrosities and beasts. Each fight ends the same way, a battered and bloody Raynes holding the defeated monster in a windpipe crushing headlock as their eyes go glassy. Some people whisper than when the Reaper comes for Raynes, that the Reaper will be the one to loose and Raynes will walk away with his cloak and scythe.
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--- Quote ---Winfred 'the Lout' Loudermelt
Once a simple mountain-guide who plied his trade along the perilous slopes of the Bantarmot Range, Winfred became famous for all the wrong reasons when a minor dispute between two teams of mountain-climbers he was escorting, erupted into a full-scale pitched melee, over an argument stemming from which group would be the first to scale the unscalable Mt. Foolswhistle. It is said that Winfred, in one of his loutish moods, was the actual instigator of the fight, which left many climbers dead. So loud and spirited was the small-scale battle that an avalanche was triggered and buried the the few survivors, Winfred included. To this day, it is said, Winfred the Lout's ghost still haunts the slopes of Mt. Foolswhistle, and still vexes travelers and climbers with insults and general obnoxiousness.
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