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--- Quote ---Ariel "Fishhook" Morgan

Ol' Fishhook Morgan is something of a legend aboard the Tyger John, a merchantman and sometimes smuggling ship of ill repute. Stories abound of the old salt: that he was born of the sea and found on a rocky shoal by the Tyger John's first captain; that he held off half a crew of mutineers with nothing but a rusty harpoon; that he made it with a mermaid and has a half-dozen fish kids swimming somewhere at sea.

But the biggest story is how he acquired the leviathan skull that serves as the Tyger John's figurehead. The story goes that during a storm far out in the ocean, a sea beast rose up to harass the ship and try to sink her. Neither sword nor spear could pierce the monster's hide, but Morgan had a plan. He baited a dolphin fish with some of the ship's stores, then just as soon caught a great sea dog with the dolphin. Cutting the shark and letting it bleed, he hooked it to the ship's reef anchor and threw it overboard. The leviathan, attracted to the sea dog's blood, took the bait and seized the anchor. Morgan seized the winch and cranked it mightily, the ship lurching backward as the monster dragged it. But the beast was no match for mighty Morgan, who wrestled it for hours into days; by the time the fish knew what was happening, the anchor's flukes were too deep and it couldn't let go. The sea dragon eventually gave up, alive but exhausted and floating on its side. Morgan grabbed a cutlass and leapt onto its great head, looking the beast in the eye. It's said he whispered something to it that seemed to calm it - perhaps he even speaks the tongue o' the sea itself - before slitting its throat and finally killing it. The beast was cleaned and the stores filled with fresh meat, the carcass so large some of it had to be left to rot.

And that's why they call him Fishhook.
--- End quote ---

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