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--- Quote ---Mighty Ariston, the Black Constable:

Alkon Ariston is unknown in finer circles, but both admired and reviled by those who know of him. He is an albino, tall and thin, with a long white mane. He is employed by a mining outfit to keep the workers in line. He always has the same grimace and hard look to his eyes. It is easy to fall afoul of him, which is why the workers have named him the "Black Constable." He is stronger than first appearance suggests and has been known to crack the skulls of men much bigger than him. He often wanders through the mine tunnels during work shifts, making certain that efficiency remains high and thefts are quickly punished. He once single-handedly laid low a dozen men who were attempting to flee through a hole they'd opened up in to the outside with a sack full of pilfered gems.

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--- Quote ---Max Ward, The Divine Glowrunner
Max Ward is the eponymous star of a series of movies about a secret agency which combats supernatural threats. The agents are informally called Glowrunners after a technique used in slaying creatures of the night. Max Ward is the stereotypical square-jawed and broadshouldered hero, referred to as the "Divine Glowrunner" by lonely housewives across the country.

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--- Quote ---Teresa Carter, Queen of Shadows
Teresa Carter is a thief extraordinaire. Teresa is neither a pickpocket nor an armed robber, and instead creeps into houses and takes the owner's belongings. The thing that sets her apart from the common thief? Teresa always steals during the daytime, and while the owner is at home. She has said that she does this because she "likes a challenge." It is to be noted that Teresa has never been caught- or seen- while on the job. Another quirk of hers? In exchange for the goods, a note is left, which tells the time of day she struck, and how she got in. It is said she writes it in the house she steals from.
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--- Quote ---Furgalgast "French" Threnillagaragart
Furgalgast is the stage name of... no one knows. He is always called Threnillagaragart onstage, though everyone has taken to calling him French, because it's just so much easier. Where he goes when he's off the stage is a complete mystery. He needs no dressing room, no dress rehearsals, no script. He appears, does his gag, and vanishes once past the curtain. He is a comedian, magician, and actor. The only connection he has to the outside world is a mysterious agent who responds only to mail sent to an impossible address.

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