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--- Quote ---Captain Alfredo Stocatto, the King's Gauntlet, earns his moniker day in and day out amidst the rural counties of the Kingdom of Vitania, squashing rebellions, rounding up heathens, and generally keeping a vice-like authoritative grip on the vast lands and discontented peasants for his young liege, King Giogi Utello. Unknown to the general populace, is that Captain Alfredo's harsh demeanor and reputation of brutality is merely a front. In reality, Captain Alfredo is secretly organizing a peasant revolt, and it is only a matter of time, before he deposes his unloved king.
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--- Quote ---The Therapist
The earliest deep space manned missions faced a great many problems, not the least of which was the sanity of the small crew that were locked in a vessel for years at a time. In the first few months of the mission a counselor would review the astronauts' journals and hold occasional "check in" therapy sessions. But as the deep space vessels went further and further from earth, communications grew far less frequent. To this end, an AI hologram called simply The Therapist was installed on the vessel. Any crewman could meet with The Therapist at their convenience with a push of a button. The program was displayed as a 30-something male or female (crewman's choice) dressed in a sweater and khakis with a calm, soothing voice. The AI is designed to analyze the crewmen's concerns and problems, then provide appropriate interventions. While most of these worked splendidly, a small handful had glitches that treated one crewman as another, revealing secret intentions and thoughts that were meant to be confidential. These sparked several incidents of breakdowns between crewmen on these vessels, sometimes resulting in violent outbursts.
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Chief Petty Officer Rick "the Stick" O'Donnell


--- Quote ---Chief Petty Officer Rick "the Stick" O'Donnell
Rick O'Donnell is not tall. Neither is he skinny. He is a bit on the short side, rather unassuming and easily overlooked. However, he is quite skilled in Escrima and once broke up a bar brawl with nothing more than a single broken pool stick. With that reputation firmly established, he is often able to prevent fights with nothing more than a raised eyebrow.

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--- Quote ---Philip Gunnar, the King of Bismuth
Also known as the Thunder God, the Prince of Ten Pins, or just Phil, Gunnar is a former professional bowler who settled down in the town of Bismuth, where he owns and operates a bowling alley. On a local level he is a typical upstanding member of the community, donating to the local sports teams and hosting fundraisers for local charities at his bowling alley. He is called the King of Bismuth because he has at various times sat on the city council, the school board, the zoning commission, and has almost won the position of Mayor, all without ever having run for any of those positions. In the movie of this, Gunnar would be played by Steve Buscemi
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--- Quote ---Basil Walpurgis Esq.
A bourgeois upstart barrister, Basil Walpurgis made a name for himself as an outspoken defender of the common man. Walrus-esque with his corpulent torso, drooping mustachios, and profusely-sweating bald head, he is often seen in court railing against nobility and guilds for their perceived oppression of workers, peasants, and the growing middle class. Some say he should be tried for inciting rebellion; for others, he is a cause célèbre for social change

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