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Found this idea over at another forum.

The rules are simple. A suitable legendish name is submitted. The next person in line gets to fill in the fluff and interesting bits on the Legend. Then they present the name for the next Legend, hero or villain.

Points are awarded for originality, and bonus points if your entry is made into a full site sub. Thread entries should be brief, less than 100 words if possible. No novels.

--- Quote ---Cleshin Whitemantle
Cleshin Whitemantle is a large humanoid cephalopod, a squid man. He hails from the the watery realms of the ocean. He is known for being a scholar and using his own ink sacks for writing various treaties on the sea, shipping, and how to best cook and serve human flesh.
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Next: Nalpolard the Unwise


--- Quote ---Nalpolard the Unwise
Foolish really, much more so than simply unwise, Nalpolard is (was) an assistant, a plume-pusher to the Harbormaster of a major city. He earned his appellation when he accidentally caused a great conflagration to erupt in the docks, setting flames to half of the city's armada. Nalpolard is currently awaiting trial (and punishment), though is still employed for the time being by the kind-hearted Harbormaster. Other than the accidental arson, Nalpolard is somewhat known about town, as being the former (rejected) apprentice to a well-known and powerful wizard, whose adventures are the stuff of legend. If asked, Nalpolard will relate many tales of the pair's (non-existant) "shared adventures"
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Next: Tarabish O' the Yellow Boot.


--- Quote ---Tarabish O' the Yellow Boot
A grizzled old war veteran. He lost one of his feet to the dreaded trench rot and now whenever he has to urinate he empties his bladder onto his remaining foot out of fear of losing it. He will proudly retell, over and over again, his gruesome war stories to anyone who can stand the stench of stale piss. If you ever need to brush up on the brutal history of your country, for pleasure or profit, he is your man.

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Next: Sentarious V'Laar, Keeper of the Golden Green.


--- Quote ---Sentarious V'Laar, Keeper of the Golden Green
Sentarious is an old man, wizened, stooped, his skin brittle and his patience thin as paper. Balding, liver-spotted and jaundiced, old V'laar has a secret, one that cracks his spittle flecked lips into a smile. He is the keeper of the Golden Green. This is a large green cloak, seemingly as old and decrepid as Sentarious himself. When he wraps it around his shoulders, Sentarious becomes a man a fraction of his age. Retaining all of his knowledge, he becomes a strapping lad of some 20 years, just as he was so many long years ago. The locals know that the green-cloaked stranger that shows up in town is one heck of a hell raiser, and claims to be kin to Sentarious, though no one remembers old V'Larr ever taking a wife or having kids, or siblings...

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Next: Hasdrubal of Szlachtan


--- Quote ---Hasdrubal of Szlachtan
The black-painted sails of Hasdrubal's ships are unmistakable in the distance to the many coastal towns along No-Hope Bay. A miserable man, whose only skill is slavemongering, Hasdrubal has elevated his status of villainy even among his fellow slavers, known for his particular brand of unspeakable cruelties, the tallow-skinned man is also known for his incredible "luck" in escaping both the law and avoiding unpleasant deaths at the hands of those who hunt him. There have been whispers of black magic.
--- End quote ---

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