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In battle:
1. Attack pretty much whatever is nearest, or the largest enemy if safely possible.
2. Protect spellcasters.

In marching order: Either in the front or the back, whichever has fewer fighting types.


I will be using a loose system for XP.  Basically each level will require 13 'points' which will roughly account for 1 per major encounter, and also whenever a post strikes a cord with me.  You may also nominate other players posts for 'kudos' as well which I will take into account in awarding XP.

Single line posts, unless somehow spectacular, will not earn any consideration from an XP perspective. Please try to show as well as tell.  OCC text will also not be considered.

Leveling will be kept between myself and each of you - though you are free to communicate this with others.

Occasionally, I may choose to apply other story awards in lieu of XP.  Bonus ranks, feats and other goodies are possible.  This will serve to offset the somewhat light treasure and magic item loot this campaign by its nature has.

GM Service Level Agreement(TM)

Should I fail to post for a whole calandar week, each PC who posts during that week will be entitled to a free Kudos point.

Again, I will do my d**nest not to dole these out this way.

Please play smart - PCs definately can die, but it will not happen lightly with the exception of real stupidity.  Bravery and courage will be rewarded somewhat, but the line between bravery and foolhardiness is a fine one - and will be _my_ call..  :twisted:


Not all things are meant to be fought. There are dangerous creatures and beings here - you are all 3rd level to start - but that represents the hell you - and virtually all others here - went through to escape.  At least at the start you are not remarkable.  Those in power right now are there for a reason.


Dec 19: Comment added on single line posts not being considered toward awarding of XP

Disagreements with Posts and PBP Etiquette

These are to be addressed with me via PM.  I will do my best to rectify any issues that are brought forward, even if it requires that time be replayed. 

I will endevour that such actions will not leave PCs at a disadvantage.

In the interests of time, and the possible inconsistent nature of people's availability, some measure of autopilot will occur and there may be some actions made that move your character without direct consent. Wherever possible, obtain other PC's consent prior to impacting their character.

If this action is not out of line with your character and does not negatively impact them, roll with it and carry on, regardless of what your original intent was.  If there is an issue, DISCUSS IT WITH ME before taking action. I read this board very frequently, at least once per day.

Simply put, ignoring posts and proceeding as if they did not happen will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.

Holiday Impacts
Due to the upcoming holidays, my rate of posting may likely suffer, and I expect that PCs will as well.  Unless I am travelling - which will not be all that often, I will be on every evening but not likely to be on throughout the day.

Posting will return full force Jan 5th!

New house Rule:

Running in difficult Terrain

One can move faster then a normal move in rough terrain, but needs to succeed at a DC 10 Dexterity check +1 per 1/2 move increment.  Normal move is 1/2 normal rate through difficult terrain. To move at full normal rate would require an 11 DC, a full run is DC 18.

Failure indicated a serious fall inflicting 1d6+1/move increment, half is non lethal, half is lethal damage.


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