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This list will be used to hold marching orders, etc for the party(s) as needed.

Mainly due to the fact that there are large gaps between when I check the site, and the fact that I'm quite sure I'll end up missing a post or two if combat got posted quick, I might as well post something.  :p

Standing orders for combat: 
1: Shoot the crossbow
2: Flank whatever Torobon's attacking
3: Protect mages/healers
4: Scream gibberish

Standing orders and stuff:
*March at the front
*Cover allies and obstruct foes, forcing them to fight me
*Whack and cleave whatever deserves whacking and cleaving

*Pick up and throw rock if foe is at range and rock is available

1. Protect Self
2. Cure spells on serious wounded
3. First aid on minor wounded
4. Defend with wand of magic missles

In Battles:
1. Eldritch Blast from a distance, try to stay out of melee. Target enemies that are dealing heavy damage to allies.
2. If engaged in melee: Jab with spear untill given a chance to back away (then see step 1).

Marching Order:
Near Middle, closer to back.


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