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So i'm sitting at a computer trying to decide how best to word my introduction. I thought maybe i could be deft and full of wit and so amaze you all with my command of the English language. Or i could confound you will some random weirdness like the last guy. Another idea that crossed my mind was to roleplay in some cool way using lots of clever words but i figured whatever i do i'll look stupid. So i did this and since the fickle finger of fate brought me here and rekindled my RPG nature i'll just say i am looking forward to many nonsensical weird chats and letting loose all of the ideas that come out of my mouth and in all likelyhood, other orafices too.

Welcome, We have weird conversations, unnatural ideas that sprout from nothing at all and our Chutlulu(?) loving Penguin. Have some Grog and sit with us, Weirdness will shortly come.


"Thats CTHULHU! CT-HU-LH-U! CTHULHU!" roars a penguin in a ridiculous pirate get-up, waddling towards with two frosty mugs of salty, foamy, green grog. "I be Captain Penguin, the Master of the Unfortunately Permanent Brigade! Ia Cthulhu!"

Jaxon's intro, I could swear that I've heard it or read something exactly like that before.


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