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Finished Shops
« on: October 10, 2008, 08:43:02 PM »
A Simple Sword (Meta-1: Swords)
Size: Portable venue 1: a rolling cart,  Inventory: Meager, Quality: Special, Special Orders: Amazing, come back tomorrow

Do not let the name fool you, ye traveler. This cart sits in The Pit, but has it's main wearhouse connected to the Pit via a door. It's shopkeeper stands next to the cart ln common clothing. Yet this shop has a special service: selling the largest selection of unmagical swords available. All are of highest quality metal, with the mass produced swords on display of the most simple designs. Most likely, special orders are the master crafted versions of basic designs. (Kudos to FFXII for the idea!) These are of the best quality available anywhere. All can be ordered in any number required (thanks to the simplicity of the product.) These are perfect for turning into magical swords.

This cart does not sell shields or armor. Look to the next cart for shields. The two carts share a loose affiliation, and many times the owner of one orthe  other sends the shoppers from one to another. On the cart is simply the basics. A basic short sword, long sword, halbard, Katana.. etc, etc, etc.

Weaposn other that swords..look elsewhere.

A Sturdy Shield (Meta-2: Shields)
Size: Portable venue 2: an elaborate gypsy style cart, Inventory: Well stocked, Quality: Special, Special Orders: Very good, 1d10 days

No description yet. If you want to make one, go ahead. bonus points!

The Goblin's Selection (1-1: Junk Shop)
Size: Portable venue 1: a rolling cart, Inventory. Poor, Quality: Very poor, Special Orders: Poor, 1D6+1 months

A Goblin junk shop that sells mostly old weapons. Very poor quality. Mostly sells junk from junk collectors. The lack of quality prevents these items from being sold as items, and mostly as 'just' usable junk. Mostly items that are not rusted (or less rusted) are bought to be recycled. Only one in twenty of all items are usable on average.

If your looking for something specific... (remember the poor quality), then the 'goblin' who uses the cart can accquire it in several months from fellow junkman contacts. (Who would want to wait?) (A actual goblin/goblins can run this shop.)

Orken Stonewerks
Size: Portable venue 1: a rolling cart,  Inventory: Meager, Quality: Above average, Special Orders: Very good, 1d10 days (1-2)

A seller of small stone items, perfect for use by mages who use 'glyph magic'. Also sells stone blanks of several standardized sizes, for home use. Perfect for 'statue magic' albeit on a very small scale. The saleswoman (or woman) is obviously not a Ork. (Orks do not exist in my setting, except as stories.)

The Demiplane (2-21; Planarmagic magicshop)
Size: Supernatural venue: limitless possibility, Inventory: Almost nothing, Quality: Excellent, Special Orders: Poor, 1D6+1 months

In front of the PC is a doorway. It sits between two buildings, and if investigated might actually be a stairway. a closet or a alleyway. (The physical room behind the door is very small in reality, a check with blueprints or just looking around the interior of surrounding buildings will note this. You may not scrythe behind the door.) If you pass a planar magic check (a simple check to see if you have said magical abilties), your character enters a very ornate doorway made of the best of rare and valuable materials. This doorway leads to a small demiplane. The store is in the round. with a outer room and a inner room. Around the room is several doors, although only one is openable to the PC unless you somehow have been to the location other doors lead to. The outer room is filled with gardens and other items to keep a microecosystem operational. Between the outer room and the inner room is a 'round' wall that has several very ornate alcoves and plinths. (The stands that support busts and other artwork.) The wall has four major doors. Each is simple, but large. When opening a door you find a greenish field across the doorway, treat as a anti theft device.

As a demiplane, most of the shop's initial startup capital was used creating said demiplane and stable microecosystem. Despite a large area devoted to shelves, only the shelves nearest the front desk have anything. What the store has are planar magical supplies. Behind the counter is a Faerie* (obviously female) who runs the store, and three 'golem' assistant made of biological materials, which is obviously magic. Said golems deal with tasks that require a normal sized being.

If asked, the owner is working on a book of addresses and has copies mde of the less agressive locales, but will divulge plot hooks if the conversation goes in that direction.. This is the start of a great magical shop, however, the owner has few magical contacts at this point. The suituation begs the question, who set up this demiplane and micro-ecosystem?

However the store has excellent quality of for what it has, and the owner charges reasonable rates. Mages are welcome and they will be asked for contacts the the local mage guilds from their setting. (If existent.) Mages who are seeking to sell something are welcome, and she accepts sales with open arms. (Only planar magic applies. It should be noted however, this is rare as Elven planar mages (by far the most common - as well as her own species are elitest about this kind of magic.)

The Pink Palace (4-18)
Size: Permanent venue: Bottom floor of a large stone building, Inventory: anything in creation, Quality: Special, Special Orders: Amazing, come back tomorrow

Somehow a cunning merchant accquired a large tower, formerly a central keep for one of the castles surrounding the old city. The lower floors are filled with bedrooms now, and as anybody will tell you.. it's not a hotel. Infact, it's labaled as apartments on official records, but records are liars and everybody knows that this is the local house of sin, it's rooms filled with every type of woman you can name, and if you cannot find what you want, ask and the nearest thing shall be magically modified. If you want, you can even ask for the house mage to summon the woman of your choice (or whip something up.) Making the women custom ordered docile enough (demon or not) takes a day, and those who want something special can come back tomorrow. (The idea is that the less time special orders take, the less likley the Metropolis will provide a requested rarity in some local pub.) A oddball speciality is found in the variety of Orkish women available to immediate summoning. (They live in a village some ways away in setting and if you travel to it, they will deny everything. (This is their secret way to get currency because the males as too dumb to give them enough money to keep busy shopping. :eek: )

This is a list of shops created using a variant of the Random Ship Generator I had on my computer. I'm posting it here in hopes of comments on what I did as well as shops generated by the other members of the Citadel. My obly modification to the generator was to roll the Special Ordering section last. The numbers meaen nothing.. seriously, it's for personal usage.

Posted here for comments.
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Re: Finished Shops
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 11:41:47 PM »
Wow, that is pretty cool man
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Re: Finished Shops
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2008, 02:57:40 PM »
Challange text: A Challange of Filling the Agora.

Listed here are several shops around a rather large three level marketplace. In the bottom is The Pit, the rectangle (with shops protruding from the stone around the sides) which specializes in smaller shops. The entire area is covered in thick fabric held from regularly spaced posts for privvacy as well as to keep it open in all weather. Despite this, it may become quite cold. A main entrance to the Pit leads to the a major freight subway station which lets carts arriving in the city quickly arrive at the Major Agora. A secondary entrance is stairs at the other end, leading to a subbasement level sewer acess for monsterous creatures. Any spell here will simply fizzle.

The second level is a irregular bordered area around the Pit, with raised bridges across the Pit. Here are not smaller shiops, but the entrances to various medium sized shops. Stairs go up to the bridges from the middle of the pit, helping to control what monstrous creatures come from the Pit to the upper levels.

On the upper level are the entranes to the great establishments. Because of how this is constructed, many stores are connected to each other (from level to level) and some use lower level floorspace as a faux basement. (as well as having actual basemebnts. Each has doormen, who keep the main establishment connections to the lower levels from getting monsterous creatures comeing through unless they have some coin, as well as stairmen who stand at the stairs at the edge of the up-per tier where stairs interconnect to the second tier.

Special mention is to the -2nd level, which has stores and entrances to other shops that sell specifically to monstrous creatures. This is where the Sewer access is located.

This is the Grand Agora of some modern legend. It's rather large, but very finely built all around (even in the Pit is partly destroyed finery.)

I have built several shop using the Random Buisness Generator. These will serve as the first shops to interconnect into a tapestry for building shops.

Roll five shops. Fluff up to three.

Comments welcome.
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