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Spell: ExtraDimensional Storage

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We're all familiar with Bags of Holding, Flat Boxes, and Rope Tricks, Why not simply a spell that can give them a grasp on extradimensional space without the need for creating a magical item? Give it more power as their levels go up, so you can start it out small to give them a taste early.

Level 2
Range: 5 yards
Area of effect: Special
Duration: 3 hours + 1 hour for every caster level
Components: V,S
Casting time: 1 round
Saving throw: Negates

Stores items in an extradimensional space that is attuned to the caster. The space is 1 cubic foot + 1 cubic foot for every caster level and can hold weight up to 20 pounds + 10 pounds per caster level. Only the caster can send things to and call things from the space. Since this space is outside of normal dimensions, nothing living can be sent to or called from the space. The caster can only have one space at a time. The spell can be cast in succesion to maintain it, but if the spell ends, anything inside the space must make a save or be expelled and take 2d4 fire damage for every level of the caster. Items that make thier save remain in the space to be called the next time the spell is cast, even if it is not maintained.

This is a clumsy first draft and a bit confusing. Like, what happens when the caster dies? Why can't living creatures go there? How do you handle the caster sleeping? Any input on these issues and any others you find will help polish this.

The thing that's been driving me to make a spell just for this has been the characters in Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy, the sometimes disturbing mature series.

Seen that somewhere as the Wizard's Backpack or something like that.

I think at death or some other exceptional event (like a Dispel Magic :twisted:), all items should fall out, maybe with that fire damage, but surely with falling damage (mostly very small, but potions don't need much to break).

Now some really weird thought that occured to me:
Hah, extra-dimensional. There must be something even THERE. And why is there nothing, if we can store our crap there? Maybe nothing, like vacuum? But vacuum is not just everywhere, it is for example in... in space!

So you actually deposit all your stuff somewhere in another-dimension's space. Of course it does not just fly away, it is held in a magical force-field. (Do not want to speculate about the physical relations between two dimensions). We can theorise that force-field can hold even air (might have really dangerous consequences otherwise), so potions and bottles do not explode from pressure.

Now, what is the consequence of storing items in space? Air OK... there is
one more thing: radiation. What if all items you pull back are irradiated? May be really bad, especially the potions or food you want to consume at some point...

Think about it.

This item reminds me alot of a dimensional bag from Everquest. The item it's self was temporary, and would disapear (along with everything in it) after you exited the game. There were different bag spells with each level... each spell would either carry more items or decreased the weight of everything carried in there. I never used these items to carry items other then no rent items (no rent items are items that disapear after you log off) because of how your items would disapear after you logged off or got disconnected. I hope you come up with a better spell than this, hahaha.

Staying away from EverCRACK myself, and not being familiar with the wizard's backpack spell manfred mentioned, I thought I'd see if I could craft something worthwile and useful that I hadn't seen done yet. Manfred also had some interesting points about where does the stuff in extradimensional spaces go. Maybe I could write a new version more like the one hopfrog is familiar with, a spell that disappears along with everything in it at the end of the gaming session. But that sounds lame. hahaha

In my personal opinion, EverQuest blows. Sorry.

Isn't this just like a bag of holding only it's a spell?


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