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Ria Hawk:
This is a continuation of the D*D game I was running over chat; it's been moved to the forum.  I'm currently not accepting new players right now, but I'll let you know if that changes.  (If you're in, you know who you are.)  Unfortunately, I don't have good notes of the setting just yet, but I'm happy to answer questions, just pm me.

More in depth overview coming later if necessary.


The group is currently investigating necromantic activity in the abandoned city of Sab Rejak, City of the Lost.  They've made their way through the city to the former Tower of Wizards, where a necromancer known only as "The Lady" is evidently operating.  Upon reaching the peak of the tower, the party has found, among other things, a series of barred doors that seem to have some sort of magic-draining effect located behind them; whether this belongs to a monster or not remains to be seen.  They have also found a lab/workshop at the top of the tower, and have actually managed to subdue an unknown female magic user who had been hiding. 

When we left off, the party had the woman pinned, and wrapped in a curtain.  I await chaos.


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