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Okay, starting this topic to contain the out of game stuff. Ideally present your questions here or in a PM


I will be using a loose system for XP.  Basically each level will require 13 'points' which will roughly account for 1 per major encounter, and also whenever a post strikes a cord with me.  You may also nominate other players posts for 'kudos' as well which I will take into account in awarding XP.

Leveling will be kept between myself and each of you - though you are free to communicate this with others.

Occasionally, I may choose to apply other story awards in lieu of XP.  Bonus ranks, feats and other goodies are possible.  This will serve to offset the somewhat light treasure and magic item loot this campaign by its nature has.

GM Service Level Agreement(TM)

Should I fail to post for a whole calandar week, each PC who posts during that week will be entitled to a free Kudos point.

Again, I will do my d**nest not to dole these out this way.

Please play smart - PCs definately can die, but it will not happen lightly with the exception of real stupidity.  Bravery and courage will be rewarded somewhat, but the line between bravery and foolhardiness is a fine one - and will be _my_ call..  :twisted:


Not all things are meant to be fought. There are dangerous creatures and beings here - you are all 3rd level to start - but that represents the hell you - and virtually all others here - went through to escape.  At least at the start you are not remarkable.  Those in power right now are there for a reason.

Combat and Opposed Actions

In any case where in a table-top game rolls are required - skill, stat checks, attacks, spellcasting, etc, please either send me a PM or in-line note ala:

<ooc Strength check please>

and I will either PM or post the results.

Plot Direction:

The major plot(s) are going to unfold fairly slowly, and subplots are springing up here and there.  Do not feel forced to go with the flow - if you want to go on a tangent, there are plenty available. PM me with your intentions and I will work with them.  This is a new city and a new land - much is left to be completed and filled in.

Equipment beyond starting

Due to the ongoing shortages of the city, everything is more expensive then list.  For common items, or items that can readily be created from forest-related resources, prices are still 10x normal - including food.

For items impossible or more difficult to create from forest resources (anything metal), prices are 100x as the only available source is equipment carried in by newcomers.

Obviously, there is excellent money to be made by anyone who can find sources of goods.  Even woodcutting and fishing is quite profitable.

Unless otherwise covered, food will start being an issue - I will post when full days pass and you will need to watch your resources accordingly - until Respite matures enough to make this not significant.  Water, due to the excellent river nearby, is not currently an issue.

Due to the cost of goods, Barter is a much better means of trade currently, as your items are also 10 to 100x more valuable then they were when you acquired them as equipment.  Coinage, however, is not.

In light of this, any player which wishes to switch out their leftover coinage for other items may do so now, once only, as their PC's would know that they need to stock up on stuff in the unknown.

Gemstones will be considered in the 100x category, and so are an excellent choice for cash conversion. 

Are you waiting on me? Any comments?

Other XP methods:

Posting consistently and often will increase the chances of getting a XP bonus. 
Supplying good plot hooks I can use either against yourself or other PCs are nice.
Actions in character which expose your character to risk - basically anti-metagaming - are also encouraged.


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