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The gate flashed, and a dozen bedraggled figures emerged, surrounded by the Sentinels.  Quickly they were disarmed and spells readied.  The beastmaster with his pair of wolves moved in, searching for clues - for signs that abyssal evil had hitched a ride with the newcomers.  One of the wolves suddenly howled and immediately the young man they were examining was grabbed by the Sentinels.   
He made to fight, but an amber beam from a wand transfixed him. He then collapsed and was dragged away to a tent by two Sentinels.
"One day, no more," High Wizard Ionus said quietly to the grey-robed cleric who stood nearby. "The incidents are getting more frequent.  One of these times, it will be something more then a dark-tainted human that they find."
"My prayers are for those who did not make the journey, Ionus, and I understand the need to close the gate. The sacrifices made -" the cleric unconsciously handled his spherical holy symbol - " to open it forbid us from squandering the sanctuary we have here. It is a new world, and our place in   it has yet to be decided.  You have my support on this matter."
"My thanks, High Garun. Where are you going?"
"To try and save one more soul," said the cleric as he walked towards the isolation tent.

Dimi ibn Yousif found the chaos here almost as bad as where he left, though little blood was being shed.  Though many descended into subterfuge, most had their fill of violence in their exodus.  Dimi's journey was no different - his group of raiders had been nearly wiped out by a squadron of  demonic lancers.  The touch of their cruelly barbed spears was enough to incinerate horse and rider, quick enough for the demonic rider to burst through the acrid clouds of smoke.  Only the intercession of the remaining gate defenders saved Dimi's life and granted him the time to make the gate.  The fight must not have gone well, for no further members of his people came through the gate thereafter. 

A week has passed since his arrival, and he has found no signs of his countrymen in Respite.  He did find that even in this pit of chaos, wenching and carousing could be had, though it was difficult to find something to pay for the pleasures of the flesh.  His horse was having similar difficulties - good fodder or even ground to graze upon was very difficult to find.

He was not entirely unsuccessful - it was mentioned more then once that just prior to his arrival, a massive exodus of nearly thirty thousand left Respite to found their own city, and some people who wore similar clothing had left with them.

Kou'rha's day was very interesting.  A hunting party from the outsider's city had come within a few bowshot of the village, and the village council was in an uproar.  A bit closer, and the strangers would have come across the north most Stoneflute and surely that would make them look even closer.  Now the council would decide on their course of action.

Rajani found the entry fairly painless.  After entering the gate at a somewhat undignified run, she perceived little transition as she appeared in front of a heavily armed phalanx of warriors. She felt the touch of powerful magic dance across her somewhat feeble magical defenses, and then felt them delve deeply - as if examining her soul on a vivisectionist's table.  A moment and it was over, and the soldiers parted to allow her to pass. 

A man wearing ornately painted leather robes walked over to her, bearing a long, equally ornately painted staff.

"Welcome to Respite, and pardon the intrusion - though I believe you understand it's .. necessity.   Come, sit with me. I have a few minutes to speak before the gate opens again.  Too few have been of your nature my friend."

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Dimi raged, an unfortunate side effect of the cheap ale he'd drowned himself in. 

"BARKEEP!  Don't you have something fit for more than feeding a sow?  I knew a begger once that made better swill than you seem to be able to sell.  In fact, my friend, I wonder if you aren't infact some sort of an extension of this gods d**ned world, sent to torment me further and drive me to take my own life!  SHARMUTAT, KULKUM.  Lessa wahid minkum qim laaqa jizmy."

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"I understand your concerns. I would not be too cautious in checking those who you gave asylum too." Rajani said. She lead her horse, a gelding she never learned the name of in her haste to escae Endkelton's demise. "As to those of my nature, I am afraid I am not sure what you are speaking of..."

Rajani felt her stomach sinking, she had spent too long hiding who she was, and a stranger knew. The Endkeltons had turned on the priests and priestesses when the minions of chaos and evil could not be turned back. Even as the city was under siege from the nameless horror, those not fighting at the gates and walls where throwing down the shrines and temples. Since escaping, she had not openly worn her holy symbol, a silver orchid atop a chevron made of bone. The pendant was hefty, and marked her as a priestess of the funeral order. For all she knew she was the last of the order, and her holy symbol, ceremonial dagger, and tooled cloak might all be left of 1200 years of religious tradition.

The contrast was incredible.  One moment he was running pell-mell to the gate as unimaginable horrors slid over the castle walls and onto the outer battlement.  "All is lost! Every man for himself!" was the cry as the defenders turned from steadfast force to a panicked herd.  Perhaps one in three made the gate, and Toboran was one of those. 

He barely noticed the searching spells and took interested note of the wolves that came up to him, but did little apart from sniff at his trail rations - their reactions one of distaste.

"Welcome to respite! The warriors hostel is to your right ", the soldier who addressed him pointed.  No-one even asked his name, he noted.

Food and shelter were ridiculously high priced here - both were in short supply.  He would need to find employment soon, or perhaps go hunting.  Hunting was his preference, but the forests here were unknown to him, and had been demonstrated to be dangerous. He should find others if he could.  Strangely, he found few of those who had preceeded him through the gate.

Walking about the chaotic city, he happened upon one of the few taverns here, the Bearded Gremlin.
What the hell, he thought as he turned to enter..

The barkeep looked at the noisy one.  He barely understood a word - "Ale" and "Swine".  Terrisch was not the brightest of men, nor the best listener, but he understood intent.  The noisy one found his ale distasteful - which was no surprise, because Terrisch thought it so as well.  No matter - he would show this one why there was no bouncer here.  He straightened up, displaying his full six and half feet of height, his broad shoulders and massive fists.  He cracked his knuckles, smiled grimly and said "Sez you what?"

And it was this moment that Toboran entered the bar.

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