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This place will contain rumors which provide in-game knowlege to the players.  It is assumed that the PC's will learn these facts in game in some manner, either during the course of the game, or as part of background events not elaborated in the main thread.

Unless otherwise allowed, only posts by myself should be considered - I will remove posts that do not fit here.

Little blurbs and facts about the City of Respite and nearby environs will show up here too, time to time.

"It's just as well the river is so well stocked - we're close to starvation here as it is.  Gods help us if the fish wise up..."

"The mage council says they are only going to be holding the gate open for a couple more days - apparently the Hordes are two days march from the Citadel.  People are emerging from the gate now at a dead run..."

"Did you hear about the six woodcutters?  Apparently wolves got em, but no-one here's even seen a print, much less a wolf.  Something real bad happening.."

"Gah, the stink here! Sure, they got work parties trucking away the s**t, but not fast enough. The Council talks about building a sewer, but so much else needs done it'll likely be ten years before they do! "

"Could you believe it? A dwarf came through yesterday carrying a d**n anvil on his back! Apparently he's a famous smith, though he's not spoken to anyone since he arrived. Just stares."

"Well d**n, a brothel? This place ain't even got a stone temple and someone builds a brothel out of stone first?  Magic - you got to be kidding me..."

"No ore? Nothing of use within 3 days march? Copper? Zinc? Anything?  No wonder those other two groups left..."

"Well, they finally found some decent stone - seems they stumbled into some ruins out east across the river."

"A lot less different types of people comin' through lately - they say the other gates are starting to fall.  Poor bastards!"

"Wow, there is sure is a lot of work for warriors - no work party has gone into the woods without at least some gaurds.  There have been too many incidents to go it alone!"

"A couple of fishermen swear they saw something huge under the water yesterday - said it was bigger then a longboat.  I think they were drinking too much fishhead beer..."

"The Mage council is planning a few expeditions to explore the region. Apparently there might be a shortage of spell components!  They should magic us up some more food is what they should do!"


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