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Player Request: Respite - One Slot open

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4-8! Players for a Play By Post D&D 3.5th Edition Game.

Play will start with 4 confirmed players, with additional being allowed to join as they become available.


I will do my d**nest to do weekly posts.  PCs MUST provide default actions with their characters to let me know how to handle their characters will react if their posts are too slow.

I may take liberties with PC's actions once I understand their PCs but will not place PCs in no-win situations. That will be up to the PCs :)


A new world - Ancient Neyathis (well prior to the timelines my Neyathis posts are set in).  The PC's are survivors of the conquest of their own world or worlds, having escaped through gates here.  The world is new, and unknown, and hostile.
Game Mechanics:
D&D 3.5 Edition
Following Books used:
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane

Others at my descretion.

Stat Generation:
Random Selection- I will generate several sets of stat numbers whose value will remain unknown, you select which one.  Once selected, you can arrange as desired.
Starting Level:
   2700gp unrestricted purchase. Choose carefully - the new world is very light on manufactured goods.
     Subject to negotiation - standard races preferred. Races on Strolens _may_ be used, requiring negotiation.  Since characters start at 3rd level, it is possible that races slightly more powerful then humans may be used. This of course will count against your character levels.


    Good or Neutral only. 

Additional Resources:

    A good number of each PC's people will have made it to Neyathis.  This pool can be draw upon for background relationships, allies, enemies, etc.

House Rules:
No Confirmation Roll for Critical hits.  They are _supposed_ to be fluky.

Wizards may cast on the fly, but a casting roll against 5+Spell Level will be required, failing will blow a random spell currently memorized at the targeted level.

Due to the nature of the campaign, backgrounds are not as important except in how they have shaped the character. Precious few of their family, friends and enemies will have made it to this world.  And all could be changed by the trauma of seeing one's world die.

The PCs will start in the city of Respite - unless something in their background could convice me otherwise.

Respite is a wooden-walled paliside city, mostly a huge refugee camp filled with the evacuees from dozens of kingdoms, a city of chaos and no little conflict.  All about is unknown wilderness - no maps exist, and mystery abounds.

They had made it.
Their world had become Hell - the very gates to the underworld had opened, wrested open by fools.  These fools were the first to die - unready to control the vast forces they unleashed.  Kingdoms fell quickly to a black, Abysmal horde - a plague of demons that spared none it encountered.
Quickly magical defenses were organized by those nations blessed by geography with enough time to react, and bravely hosts were lead against the demonic legions.  Though these hosts fell to a man, they bought time so others might live.

The gods of the people - to weak to turn back the infernal tide, lent their flagging strength to the efforts of various mages to open gateways - to escape.
In many cases, it took the final effort of the gods to open the portals, for the world was already overstretched by the rents torn by the invaders.  Their divine deaths were not in vain, for multitudes managed to escape the dread fate that followed them. 

This is their story....


Count me in.  Char sheet will be forthcoming.

I'm in

Dimi ibn Yousif  (Rg 1/Ftr 2)
Human, 17 yrs old
Str   15     Int   15
Con  15     Wis  11
Dex  17     Cha  11
BaB +2  F +5 R +5 W +0
AC 15 (FF 12) Init 7

The son of a petty raider, Dimi grew up on horseback, stealing from anyone weaker than their tribe.  Leaving the tribe to seek his own fortunes, gathering petty thieves and bandits and formed his own little group, preying on travelers, and then, once the troubles started, on refugees.  Managing to get through the gate shortly before they closed it, he's spent the past week trying to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

--- Quote from: Class Features ---Sneak Attack +1d6
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Feats ---Dodge
2 Weapon Fighting
Improved Init
Point Blank Shot

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Skills ---appraise         3
disable           4
escape           4
gather            4
hide               4
move silent     4
spot               4
listen              4
open              4
intim              5
search            4
handle animal 4
ride                4
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Equipment ---TBA
--- End quote ---

Ok, each of you, PM me a number from 1-12 and i'll send you your numbers...

I'm in if you have room. (me pick 3)


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