Author Topic: Interest Check: Pathfinder Game?  (Read 4207 times)

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Interest Check: Pathfinder Game?
« on: August 26, 2010, 12:43:31 AM »
Greetings, Strolenites. I have recently become very interested in Paizo's D&D 3.5 update, known as Pathfinder. I've played in a few games of it, online and in real-life, and I am thinking about running a forum-based campaign. I just wanted to check how many of you would want to play. I'm looking for at least 3 players who can post at least bi-weekly. Content from The Citadel will be allowed, within reason.

Here is a link to the Official Pathfinder Reference Document:

That has all the crunch you need. It is a very similar game to D&D 3.5, but there are lots of improvements (in my opinion, at least).

The game itself, the plot, the setting, are not yet set in stone, and I am very open to player suggestions and creations to help tailor the game to be more fun for you. However, I do have a tentative core world where all of the core material exists. Anything from The Advanced Player's Guide is also acceptable.

If I had to give a theme to what I want to run, it would be a "mystical adventure." Expect visits to odd places of arcane/divine/other-worldly power, the handling of dangerous and often unique magical artifacts, and being imbued or infected with strange abilities.

Thank you, and please post any questions you have in this thread.
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Re: Interest Check: Pathfinder Game?
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2010, 12:06:13 PM »
Possibly me. After all, long-forgotten halls need an Echo!
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