Author Topic: Sparrenholm, a call to action  (Read 5185 times)

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Sparrenholm, a call to action
« on: October 07, 2008, 03:52:49 PM »
*OOC* - (My first time at this and not overly sure how it works, but it seems that there has not been much action for a little while on the freeform side so, here goes. Please feel free to answer the call if it grabs you.)

The village square of Sparrenholm is like a scene straight out of hell, the familiar faces of freinds and neighbors seem twisted in the flickering red glare. Over fifty flaming torches held aloft by a stampede of angry people and the roaring bonfire cast a deep crimson hue to the night and fill the air with slithering shadows with each smoky breath of wind. A truly infernal scene for a truly infernal evening.

"This has gone far enough" cries Ted Smyth from atop the bed of an empty cart at the head of the mob, thrusting his meaty fist into the air and scowling down into the crowd. "We need to find out whose done this crime and make them pay!" He bellows to an answer in the form of a roaring cheer, "One of us turning up dead could be passed off as an accident but now there's another body to be accounted for that's worse than the first."

"Yeah!" screams the village with one voice.

"I say that any man what values their life and that of their families needs to stand up and do something"

"Yeah!" roars the crowd.

"So who is with me?" and with that the crowd is silent. "People of Sparrenholm, freinds, this is our chance to stop the murderer before another of us is brutalised, words of anger will not solve our problems, this is  our time for action. I myself will not suffer this to happen again, but then it is I that has lost a sister here today." Pushing his unkempt black hair from his shadow edged face, Ted looks around for support amoungst his fellow villagers.