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Love it? Hate it? Better than waiting forever for Traveler's 5th? Don't know what the Frell I am talking about?


I finally have all the Core Suppliments for it.  The game rocks.  If you liked old Traveller at all, you will love the new version.  It is easier to play, simplier to play (without losing anything), you can generate better characters (and character gen is still "just that much fun", the 3Rd Imperium edit changes are good.  Anyone?  Anyone at all?   

I don't know what the frell you are talking about.    :lol:


Here is the current line... cool stuff suitable for all sorts of sci-fi gaming.  Want to play Hammer's Slammers? 

And for the Frell.....

Traveller is one of the first RPGs and the first Science Fiction one (though the publisher of Metamorphosis Alpha disputes).  Unlike most early games, this one is just as playable today as it was 35 years ago. It is a classic game covering everything you would need for sci fi of the time, with a touch of space opera.   The setting is a treasure.  Imagine 35 years of loving fan and professional work lavished on a setting.  There is just that much material. 

Mongoose Traveller is a new set of Traveller rules first published in 2008. The rules are designed to harken back to the Classic Traveller days, using simple rules (the 2d6) but updated to take advantage of 30 years of evolution in RPG design.
When the Mongoose Publishing announcement was made in August 2007, there was some controversy in the Traveller community regarding the fate of the other, then current, Traveller publishers. Over the course of a few weeks, and many different discussion forums, it was revealed that Marc had decided to let the official Traveller licenses for QuikLink Interactive, Avenger Enterprises, and Comstar Games expire, most of which would expire in 2008 or 2009. The licenses for Steve Jackson Games and Far Future Enterprises would remain.
Mongoose Publishing announced the publication of the Mongoose Traveller Main Rulebook in April 2008. True to their word, the rules followed the Classic Traveller design, using 2d6 for most character creation and resolution mechanics. It was updated with an events table for failing a survival roll in character creation. It also included a task system (similar to MegaTraveller) for ease of resolving combat and other interesting events. Mongoose's plans include republishing many of the older Classic Traveller books, updated for the new rules.

I almost played Traveller years ago when a friend talked me into it. After what seemed like an hour with the dice, watching my initial character concept shatter beneath the brutally bad luck of poor dice rolls and realizing that I hadn't even gotten through character creation yet, I gave up and went back to Star Frontiers.  :what:

Having said that, I've just ordered the core rulebook and plan to buy more. It seemed like such a rich system, I look forward to delving into it and plundering it for all it's worth. Any recommendations on which core and/or supplemental books stand out from the others?


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