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the great redemption
« on: June 25, 2008, 02:08:04 PM »
The chapel was cold and unwelcoming for Robert Hayden. 5 years in saviors academy for reform and heroism and he was still the same scumbag he was when he came in it with the exception of a few new powers. Robert kneeled down before his head master who put a sword on his shoulder and began to speak. "Robert Hayden you have served the academy fathfuly for the past 5 years and for that you have earned the right to become a full fleged knight of the war god Toros." a crowd of acolytes behind him cheered at the accomplishment(for most people usally die or fall back to evil during their first year). "Do you accept the responsibiltys that come with this honor?" Robert was silent for a second "...yes" he finaly said. "and do you accept the duty of protecting those who cannot defend themselves, to be a hero even if it means your death?" "yes" Robert said as the headmaster lifted his sword. "Then you are free of the academy Robert Hayden may the gods watch over you." the crowd cheered louder but Robert still felt like he had done nothing to deserve it.
     After the ceremony the head master brought Robert to his office. "Congrats my boy i always new you had it in you." he said handing him the sword he had knighted him with. "Now that your a Knight though your going to have to help us out with redeeming the academys newest trouble makers." he countiued."uhh how? I don't exactly look like the redeemer type in case you hadn't noticed." Robert said knowing that redeemers were usally blonde haired blue eyed heros paladins who worshiped gods of peace and healing to Roberts shaved head , dark brown eyes, and scar that went from the bottom of his chin to his left ear not to mention standing at 6 "4" with broad shoulders but an otherwise lanky build looked would probably just scare people instead of really reddeming them. "Well we have an apprentice of your brother who was a praticularly troublesome kid but your brother was starting to make progress with him then as you know he disappered." Robert rasied an eyebrow at the mention of his older brother whom was one of the better students at the academy and had made it his personal goal to make Robert as miserable as possible. "now this apprentice only trusted your brother and won't accept any one else with one exception...you." Robert sighed "so you want me to teach him about redemtion and what not?" Robert asked with dread. "Ha of course not i want you to go on a quest to find your brother and reunite him with his apprentice." Robert just stared at him for a second the said "and you want me to bring him with me don't you?" the head master noded. "Joy so where is the bastard anyway?" Robert asked with his hand over his face. the headmaster went to the door and said "right here." as he opened the door. 
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