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3.0 Inner Workings

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Add Comment
-comment>300letters=> 2
-comment<300letters=> 1
-admin delete comment => -4
-author delete comment => -2

Add Idea (was Scroll)
-idea => 5
-idea > 500letters => 6
-admin delete idea => -8
-author delete idea => -6

-  1.0 => -3
-  1.5 => -2
-  2.0 => -1
-  2.5 => 0
-  3.0 => 1
-  3.5 => 2
-  4.0 => 3
-  4.5 => 4
-  5.0 => 5
Deleting a comment/vote will just remove the XP except for the comment which loses -3 no matter what.

Voting on Comments
-  upvote => 2
-  downvote => -1
(it will only show a single increment but the xp reflects as shown)

Voting on Scrolls
- same as comments unless we want to change that.

If an Author of the sub votes on the comments/scrolls (not implemented yet)
-  upvote => 5
-  debating on some kind of icon/identifier that shows "Author approved" type info for the idea/scrolls portion. So when somebody inputs an idea and the author likes it they can make it "official" or something.

Suggest a sub => 2
remove suggested => -5

HoH (tentatively Heralded now) => 5
Golden (tentatively changing to HoH) => 5

Submission > 4000 => 5
Submission > 2000 => 4
Rest => 3

Idea Seed => 3

BH Posts are no more. Must be registered to input anything and submit to the forum.

I sort of liked it too but it is just too much trouble to stop them that it just isn't worth it for the few that will post. Many of you will say finally, but I didn't want to have to do it.

Deleting comments:
 - Posting a scroll, and then deleting it gives you some free XP, so that should be amended.
 - Another thing to be considered, is deleting own comments, which could have less of a penalty. There should be a difference between having one's comment deleted, and retracting your own statement, or correcting something mis-posted.

Noticed 2.5 vote is missing... the logical number seems to be zero. Sounds about right. :)

(Are Golden subs being changed to HoHs, or do I read it incorrectly? May have forgotten some planned changes here.)


I want the Barbarian Horde.

They can be annoying, but they are not that much trouble. The bad comments we can delete, the lesser quality we can edit or reply to, the good ones we can hopefully attract to stay. With current settings, they can't post in the forums anyway, the only place to watch out is the main site.

Yes, we need to change their interface as well - include a link to register, among other things, and make the whole thing less ugly and confusing.

But to kick them completely? I think we can do better than that.

BH: including them is such a huge pain in the ass and requires an entire level of coding support, to include turing double checks, that make the effort almost not worth it. There are already "Register to comment/vote" Type links where input is possible.

The reason I made that move this time is because I found over 19K spam posts that by some fluke don't show up because of the way they are written. This is with the current safeguards in place. It is a VERY simple check right now so I wonder who would spend the time to write a quick exploit for that, but it obviously happened. They showed up in the new site where I resolved the visibility issue and I started seeing mass spam in occassional submissions. I would have to do the more advanced turing tests, probably with graphics, to stop the encroachment of the Horde.

We can discuss it more later, but initially, their input will be repelled from the ramparts.

Thanks for the XP corrections and that makes sense about deleting you own comment. I still want a penalty for deleting comments as once a comment is up and seen, if it dissappears that could be annoying to many. Might still think about an XP hit for a deleted comment/scroll. Somebody shouldn't have the ability to just delete all their stuff when so many others are effected by it.

It is said that HoH speaks to highly of the small blessing we give them and that the names holds too much power for the small trinket they are bestowed. Golden, well, I have never liked that and if the HoH title holds much sway and I love the HoH name, then perhaps it could unroot and replace golden and we rename the once called HoH.

HoH replacement names - Spotlighted, Heralded, Blessed (would be copying off ), sponsored...


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