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The Balance is Broken
« on: April 10, 2008, 11:20:08 PM »
Here is a short piece I wrote back somewhere about 05-06. Inspired by my love of the Punk Girls and my Music History Class [FAILED].

"You must not upset the balance. You destroy one side and the other will overwhelm the world." Said the mystical voice as I made my intentions clear. I turned to Dru and spoke,
"You know this has to be done, right? It must never be ressurected."
"Yes, I do, but I'm afraid that you don't understand what I am here to accomplish," He replied, paused for a monent then continued, "I will maintain the balance, I might have to destroy something you love, but there is always a price to pay for doing a greater good. Make sure you make the right choice."
"Ok," and I turned to the white orb before me, I drew my long, curved dagger, the blade flashed wickedly in the light of the single bulb dangling from the ceiling by exposed wires. I drove the dagger into the milky surface of the orb.
"What have you done?" Gasped Dru.
"Disco is dead," was my only reply.
"Then so too shall Punk be," He said drawing his own knife. I quickly realized what I had done.
"Punk must live!" I screamed and threw myself in front of the dagger he had just thrown towards the black orb on the opposite side of the room. The gleaming blade slipped easily between my ribs and into my heart.
"What have you done, Fools?" Said the mystical voice. Dru started to cry, then he spoke the last words ever to be spoken:
"You chose wrong, Jared. You have doomed us all." With a loud pop the single bulb that was dangling from the ceiling exploded and plunged the world into darkness.

I hope you enjoy that as much as I do.
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